Praise be! Praise Be!

The guiding light, has been shown to me!
I walked alone, confused and despaired,
I needed a sign that someone was there.
I walked in a Church to see who would care,
And found a collection plate thrust toward me, bare.
I walked by the Synagogue, in there to explore,
But wasn’t a chosen one- they showed me the door.
The temple was next, the Witness’ lair
But Jehovah’s folks scared me, too much hell there!
Then I stopped, and I looked, and saw all that I need
The flowers, the grasses, the dirt, and the TREES!
I needed no building, no huge set of rules
I know what I want to believe to be true,
We are not pawns in a game up above,
There’s no score-card at the end, for a One God to judge.
We live in a heaven or hell of our choosing,
Right here and right now, choose! Are you winning or loosing?
The Sky and the Earth are what makes me happy!
Not a group that will judge me and think me too wacky
Feeling the Mother Earth, cupping my soul
The Sky Father balancing, completing the hold.
'And it Harm None, do what Thy Wilt'
The only refrain you need till you’re kilt.

Durk Simmons
author Strings of Connection