In His Own Words

Introducing The Rev. Stormy Monday

Who are we??? Who am I ????

For anyone that is interested, I will share with you who I am. Its just a tale, but to me it is a true story. For I am lots of people in different times, but in this lifetime, this is who I am. I started out this life as Robert. And yes, this body is still Robert, and parts of this mind are still Robert. But soon after I was born I became Sharkey, because I was born 2 months early, (that was to make sure I was the Aries that I am), and in 1956 if you were born that early you didnt have much of a chance. But I held on, and struggled and survived, and my Grandfather came to the hospital one day and said, "He's a regular Sharkey!!! A fighter!!!" (meaning, at the time there was a boxer named Jack Sharkey, and he was a fighter). So the name stuck. And for years that is who I was.

As I grew up, my mother would tell me, "Son, you are a witch", and I would think "Pffffft!", you are nuts. But she was a witch, and she knew. And my sister was a witch, and followed the path, and went on to become Universal. And she would ask me when I would step onto the path. And I never thought much of it. But I always 'knew things'. I had an intuition, and would know things before they would happen. And I could sometimes make things happen. I know it sounds odd, but it is true. Anyhow, I won't bore you with all the details, I will get on with it. I was getting old in this life, and going through a terrible break up with a woman I was madly in love with. But she gave me the boot, which was cool, because it was a part of the learning experience I was about to go through.

So, I find myself sitting in my apartment in Somersworth New Hampshire, with my witch cat one night, and the phone rings. And on the other end is a woman from Texas, who is now living in the mountains of northern Vermont. She said, "Your sister gave me your number, so I thought I'd call you." So, we met, and it was Amore premira veestah. (love at first sight). So I moved to Vermont, and we spent time (3months) alone at the farm together. She claimed to be an angel, but I know different. For although there is a very thin line between Angel and Faery, she was Fey. I knew this because, she was 51 years old, but when we made love, and I looked at her face, it was the face of an 18 year old girl. And I said to her every time "I know who you are" ( but I just couldn't place her.). Anyhow, I am rambeling again, and to get to the point, after we parted ways I remembered the face, she was a faery that I had known in the 'Land of the Young'. But my point is, she called me out of nowhere, had me move to the middle of nowhere in Vermont with her, only to give me a message.

One night, a High Priestess came to the farm. And she and my girlfriend and myself sat in the dance pavillion, around a bonfire. Iit was 20 degrees below zero, and there was a hole in the roof to let the smoke out. As the three of us sat around the fire and talked, the full moon shone through the hole in the roof, like a spotlight on my girlfriend. The High Priestess, Suzanne, looked at her and said, "You are an Angel!" Then she looked at me and said, "And you are a witch, why don't you follow the path?" Anyhow, soon my girlfriend and I parted ways, for she had delivered my message to me, (as a Faery should do). She went to Texas, and I went to Florida to hang out with my sister. And when I was there there was a woman who I met that told me, "I see you standing on a cliff, guarding the trees, You are the Guardian of the trees." Well, I put that in the back of my mind and said, 'That's cool". Then my sister, who is Reiki master, attuned me Reiki one, then Reiki two. And one day, it was a Monday, she was to attune me Reiki Master. She put me into a meditation, and I went into a trance, and then she joined me. And in her trance, she came into my head, and saw what I saw. It wasn't nice, it was demons and scarey things. Then I heard her voice, walking me out of the trance, meditation. And when I was out, she asked me, 'Who the hell are you????' I said , "Stormy Monday." So she put away the Reiki for the moment, and did a reading of me.

Here is the reading: " Dear Ones, we are here to visit with the one called Robert Morini. He is here to follow the path of the gentle warrior upon the earth plane. He is here to bring a new era of peace and prosperity never before seen the likes of. His seed will carry long into the waters of time and to the ways of what you call the future. We are here to present to him a way to shed the old shackles of the human fear based emotional diversions that keep all humans bound to the red and orange structure of survival and earth based ways. We are the ones who seek the mighty one of old. He is the founder of the black arts in a way that was not called the black arts. At that time he was a waymaker for those of human descent to tap into the realms of ever demonic presence. He was not mad. He was simply a traveler in time who happened into the earth realm and found sentient beings who were ready to bring another level of existence to the earth plane and he did just that. He will remember the masses of beings who reflected this type of energy for they are the ones you call demons yet they are the beings of light that reflect the light to oblivion. Yes it is something necessary in the earth plane at this time. It is the light of creation that is alpha and omega. It is the light of all that is. He is your dear brother and you will say to him 'Awake and be the one you are here to be! Almighty warrior of peace and love!' My sister, trembeling now, asked me again, "Who the Hell are you???" Again I said, 'Stormy Monday'. I must assure you all, this is a true story, for it is about to seem a bit bizarre.

At that point, I went outside to smoke a cigar. It was a beautiful Florida Monday. My sister came out with me and I said 'look up.' There from the east were black clouds rolling in, heavy and dark. Then we looked to the west, and dark clouds were rolling in, very dark and heavy. I smiled. The clouds met right above us, collided, and traveled straight up. The whole sky turned black, and beneath the black, a deep Atlantic green. Lightning flashed, thunder roared, and the rain came down sideways!! My sister ran in the house and turned on the TV. A tornado was touching down on the next street over. It caused no damage, touched for only a second or two, and then dissipated. The rain stopped, the clouds cleared, and the sun returned. She shook her head at me, and we continued with the Reiki attunement. "You are Stormy Monday." 'I am Stormy Monday.' (I imagine that comes from the fact that I was born in this life, on a Monday, April 16th 1956, in....a thunderstorm.) Anyhow, my time in Florida had ended, I found my blue feather and had to return to New Hampshire.

When I got back, I went to a magickal little store one day, The Mustard Seed. Salendrea, who owned the store, greeted me at the door. (I did not know her, nor her me). She said, "I knew you were coming today, a cardinal was at my window this morning and told me so. You of the trees." That is why I have created 'Witchwood creations'. I work with wood, it works with me. And I follow many paths, but I adhere dearly to Strega, for my Italian roots lead me that way. But I am also learning Shamanic Witchcraft, for I am brother to the Hopi. Anyhow, if you have read this far, I hope I have not bored you, it is my story, (well part of it anyhow), and there is so much more to tell, but I would like to hear your story. If you feel so inclined, write to me and tell me your story, for we all travel our paths, and the time has come to share our stories, and I will listen to you. Peace to you, thanks for listening.

Nothing worth doing is completed in our lifetime: therefore,we must be saved by hope. Nothing true or beautiful or good makes sense in any immediate context of history: therefore we must be saved by faith. Nothing we do, however virtuous, can be accomplished alone: therefore we must be saved by love. No virtuous act is quite as virtuous from the standpoint of our friend or foe as from our standpoint: therefore we must be saved by the final form of love, which is forgiveness. -Reinhold Neibuhr SIA MEDICINE SONG Grant our children life and happiness. Send forth the good south winds. Send forth your breath over the waters that our world may be beautiful and our people may thrive. Far off, over there, Sun Father awakens, and climbs up his ladder leaving his resting place. May all complete life's long road, may all grow old. May our little ones know the sweet smell of the sacred breath of life. May all our children have maize that they may complete their journey. Sit down, remain here, we give our best gift, our best thoughts. We inhale the sweet smell of the sacred.

Eternally Yours,

Stormy Monday