Michael Lee-Price

~ The Wayfinder ~

Many years ago when I was in my late Teens/ early Twenties, my friend Kimbo
invited me to attend a little private party/ musicians gathering in the Blue
Mountains (up near Norman Lindsay's Farm) ... I gleefully agreed and with my
"squire" bass guitar under my arm toddled off hoping for a gig and a chance to
show off.

My banjo playing friend from Gold Rush Mark was there, a rather attractive
celtic lady with flowing brunette hair who played electric violin was present
and my good friend Phil Emmanuel was there. There was actually a lot of people
there and too many to remember actually ... the lady who captured my attention
only captured my attention was because I was a young frisky male and she was a
knock-out plus the way she made her instrument sing ..well ...

At the time, I never heard Tommy (Phil's brother) ever play and had no idea
then, how much of a musical genius he was. In truth, I never heard the guys ever
play together. Phil was an impressive and talented musician himself. The
inpromptue jam sessions that occurred that weekend by many different musicians
(many of who never played before) was amazing. The one I joined in on with
Tommy, Phil, Mark, the Goddess of the Violin, and a drummer who I believed
played with Lobby Lloyd and the Coloured Balls ...was well ...mind bending ... I
remember feeling years after that, that they just don't play music like that
anymore ...

Vibrant, Energetic, Soul stirring ... and a unique blend of Ozzie and Celtic and

Tommy Emmanuel is a Genius ... you need to hear his guitar instrumentals and
riffs to know what I am talking about ...his music stirs the Soul.

I never thought I would ever say this about another Guitarist until Now ...

My NEW friend, Rob McDade who will be playing at The Druid's Dreaming Concert in
November of this year, sent me his NEW CD as a gift and for me to upload some of
his music to my Radio sites.

All I can say is ,,, I recommend that you purchase one of his CDs


Listen to his Brilliance ... and I feel secure now ...that if anything happened
to Tommy Emmanuel that there is a TALENT like Rob McDade standing in the wings
to take his Mantle of Guitar Genius.

My idea of a "Summerland" Rob McDade, David Pendragon, Tommy Emmanuel, Jamie
McPherson, that beautiful violinist, Damh the Bard, Wendy Rule and my girls
harmonizing as back vocals all gigging together ... throw in Gaia Consort as the
opening act

Check Out Rob's Myspace Site Here

If you wish to listen to some of his music for free come to: