Our first SEXY Witch of the Month


Dragonfly Louise [AKA Dragonfly and Blue Dragonfly] is our Inaugural Sexy Witch of the Month. The Editor admits that he is playing favourites as Dragonfly is actually the Editor's partner but in his defence, the Editor needs to clarify that to put a photo of some other Sexy lady here would be ludicrous and not conducive to a happy home life.

Dragonfly has been involved in the South Australia Pagan Community for over 10 years. She is the President of The Ancient Ways Incorporated and the owner of Adelaide Pagan Parenting's online group. She is a dedicated mother of five cchildren and step-mother of two adult sons. You can find out more about my Dragonfly from her myspace profile:


The Editor would like to thank the three other sexy ladies who have supplied photographs and inform them that their photos and links will be published here in the coming months.

(Happy now, dear?)



Can YOU see Yourself HERE?

All Witches who bravely contribute their photographs will be permitted to advertise their Covens, Groups, Web Sites and advertise Events.

All photographs supplied will be Archived and appear on a designated Archive page.







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