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Lady of the Silver Wheel,

Sweet Goddess of the Moon.

If Fate allows my dream

You will be my lover soon.

Your glow lights up my empty nights,

It soothes my troubled soul.

It fills my heart with ethereal light,

And a LOVE that makes it whole.

I rest not well in Morpheus arms,

That God of sleep and dreams.

Without your loving lunar charms,

My sleep is not serene.

deity plots our love to bar,

eclipse our sacred love.

Your radiance outshines the stars,

Which crowd the sky above.

You’re a Vision created by the Gods,

A beauty which make hearts melt.

Sweet  Tempress, you are my Arianrhod;

Lunar Goddess of the Celts.

Like the Druids I worship you,

With my everlasting soul -

And a memory which is born anew,

Of Our Love of long ago.

My Lady of the Silver Wheel,

Moon Goddess of my heart -

Please Love me from your pedestal,

I pray we will never part.



Michael Lee-Price

(The Wayfinder )

 Moon Goddess

(as published in "The Silver Wheel"  -  the newsletter of PASA Inc. Lughnasadh 2004)

In support of PASA Inc.
Long May It Prosper


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