The night before Christmas, and the Teamsters union

The night before Christmas Clement Clarke Moore poem was the inspiration for this adaptation. It was originally written as a 8th grade English assignment, back in 1966. Unfortunately the original composition has been lost in time. So I re-created here from memory. Unfortunately some of the poem is lost. for years at Christmas I would resight this peom with Moore's poem

The night before Christmas, and the Teamsters union

The night before Christmas,
and all through the school
not a creature was stirring not even a fool.

The papers were strong upon the teacher's desk,
in the hope that St. Nick would soon make them correct.

From out of the night sky company shining reindeer
and no one was too shy.
Down through the skylight
and up through the halls
stopping at each classroom Santa Claus had arrived.

It was the night before Christmas
when a television news announcer
was asking Will there be a Christmas this year?

We've just gotten word
the elves have joined the Teamsters union.
And now they're on strike.

Will there be a Christmas this year?
Was the night before Christmas
and all through the North Pole
not a creature was stirring
not even nine shining reindeer.

We called them all by name
No Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
No Dasher!
No Dancer!
No Prancer
No Vixen!
No Comet!
No Cupid!
No Donner
No Blitzen
The barn door was broken and the reindeers escaped
nowhere to be seen not one reindeer insight
the reindeer to have joined the Teamsters union
can that really be right?


FAIR USE NOTICE: There is a real problem with plagiarism on the Internet, people posting other people's work without giving due credit. I give permission to share this poem in other Yahoo! Groups, as long as credit is given to its authorship.

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T'was the night before Christmas, all commercial and gay

tens of millions of people were spending away

mega buckets of money "is that cash or card?"

quick to buy all the crap that they'd soon all discard

buying gifts for the status, for the brown nosing game

so that with each bought prezzie they could with glee exclaim

"that takes care of aunt Bessie, her kids and, it's true

just a few more to get and we'll finally be through"

They trudged and they elbowed folk out of their way

they bought pricey rubbish that would break in a day

to mark off a list, to cover each base

to make sure that some gift would go to each face

But where was the caring, the loving inside

that joy that the choice of a gift could provide

in honour of gifts in a manger presented

after all, isn't that what this all represented?

My faith has the Yule log and tree but the gifts

are given with love and true spirit as befits

celebration of Deity, Goddess and God

and the gifts they have given us, paths that we've trod

Our festivals stolen in fear and greed

by Christians who long ago found selves in need

to make their god triumph and to their idols bowed

and so stole our heritage, for such we allowed

Yet some of us still to the old ways cling true

celebrating in ways our ancestors well knew

may it ever be so and whatever your creed

shall your Deity be with you; and so mote it be

C 2008

Olivia Watts


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