It had to happen, The Cosmic Cauldron Newsletter has gone all professional and so it should.

What started as a hobby has turned into nearly a full time job for me and to help keep myself sane, I had to draw up these guidelines so ALL contributors, event promoters and advertisers know exactly what is going on and where I am coming from.

If contributors wish to submit articles, poetry, artwork or photos to me they will need to send all material from here on to my email account:

Please don't send it to any other email address. Please don't paste and post it to me in the MySpace mail box or the Facebook mail box. Please don't post it in my Guestbook. Actually it is amazing how many people are posting event promotions in the guestbook. Hey, guess what post it there you lose it ... it will not go through the guestbook and I will refuse to accept event promotions or anything else from you for now on.

Please Give Me A Break!


From now on all and any submission have to be in my mail box by the 25th of each month. No excuses. If I don't receive it by that time I will not use it AT ALL!

As it is this month I was up until Awful O'clock working on the Newsletter right on publishing day (which will be hopefully the 1st of the month from herein).


As a rough guideline ALL articles need to be 800 -1200 words although I will accept anything up to 4300 ... web pages scroll nicely thanks ...and no trees are pulped to produce an online zine.

Keep all article relevant. The Cosmic Cauldron Newsletter is after all a Pagan Zine.

There is No Such thing as FREE Advertising especially Banner Advertising.  Event Promotion is FREE but not if your organisation or  group or yourself are charging a small fortune for people to attend your events. From here in I will be limiting the FREE Event Promotions  to Events that are not fundamentally Commercial Events.

The Cosmic Cauldron is Growing so if you really wish to get involve please follow the above rules to participate.

Thank You