The Dream

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Lady Bleu

I finally crawled into bed last night, late.
With visions of you still in my head.
Anticipation pounding in my heart.
All my senses filled with your existence.
As I escaped into the dream world I know so well,
I took you with me.

We walked down the beach together.
Our hands touching and our hearts bonding through them.
The wind kissing our faces gently.
The sand giving way under our feet.
The warmth in our hearts that only a poet would understand.

Finding an oasis in the never ending edge of the world,
We sit beneath the giant tree, on the patch of thick grass
that seems to have been put there just for us.
We talked for what seems to be hours.
Never running out of things to say,
feelings to share, thoughts to exchange.

I reach out to touch you and you stop my hand with yours.
Our fingers touch. Our hands envelop each other.
Almost as though they were making love to each other.
Our fingers dancing. Our eyes gazing into each others.
A soft and gentle smile exchanged.

Our bodies seemingly without direction move toward each other.
The desire almost unbearable.
The passion burning in our hearts so overwhelming.
We are unable to maintain control of our own destinies.
Our bodies become one.

We make love in such a way that direction from Venus herself must be at hand.
Only paced by the rhythm of our hearts.
Accelerated by the hunger for more.
The cycle seemingly never ending.
Hunger and the attempt to satisfy it.
Our hearts thundering like a storm on the sea of love.
The frenzied yet graceful, almost poetic energy abounds.
We erupt in a flow of passionate waves that humbles the nearby sea.

As we lay secure in each others arms in the shade of the giant tree.
Listening to the song that the wind and surf play just for us.
Feeling love not surpassed by Romeo and Juliet.
We drift into a world in our minds that we share in a way that is unexplainable.
A connection of souls.

I awaken to another day.
Turning to touch you.
You are not there.
It was a dream, and now just a memory.
The feelings still in my heart.
The vividness of the encounter still in my mind.

Copyrighted 2009 Faith Powell AKA Lady Bleu