Dragonfly Louise O'Brien

The cold crept in
And chilled my heart
It had been that way
Since we had been apart
And the hollow Sound
Hurt like a dart
And the aching stung
Like it had from the start

For you were never
To be mine
Eternity Passed
But it was only time
And from the past
Through to future times
We were kept apart
Like fruit on the vine

Alone and together
A part of a bigger plan
The wind and water
The fire and sand
All part and parcel
Of the whole wide land
And tools in a far

Greater hand

Call her fate
Or many names
We are part yet not
Different yet the same
Empowered yet weak
We give her fame
And bow to her
Yet give her blame

Fate, God, Goddess
Whoever you be
We bow before you
On bended knee
And ask and hope
And pray to thee
For peace and love
And Tranquility

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