City Witch, Or "My Path is A Bloody Valid One"

Miss Twist, in response to the Willow's Web City Witch article.

I find the argument as presented in the city witch article somewhat exhausting so I'm writing this short response to it. I've heard it so many times now that it has truly begun to bother me. You see, of my 8 years of practice 6 of them have been within walking distance of the bustle of the Melbourne City Centre and all the energy it contains, a year of it was living in the heart of the city quite literally in fact. The argument that cities disrupt energies and distort natures way is incomplete.

I'm not going to argue that it doesn't, because in all reality all that steel and all those people certainly do disrupt the flow as it originally was, but as a city witch I can assure you that city magic is not only possible but rewarding and powerful. You see cities have their own energy flow. Energy pours down its streets, congregates at it's cross roads and seeps into its back alleys and for those so inclined to learn to feel it, taste it, touch it and hear it it is as useable as the energies of the trees or earth. The spirit of the city is well alive and loves to dance with those that would.

The biggest challenge of city living, for anyone attuned to energy of any kind, are the people and this is one of the things tht is bought up quite often by naysayers. Peak hour every day is a bustle of energy and life, a lot of it quit negative in big cities where you are picking up the energy of stressed workers, angry bosses and depressed business folk, as such I've found that the average urban witch is very much adept in shielding their abode and themselves from outside influences. My own protective barriers were always multi-layered protecting my personal space as well as my building against both energy and unwanted types such as thugs and thieves. Cleansing rituals were formed regularly and the seals round my windows were reinforced weekly. However that didn't stop me tapping in. You can do great things by harnessing the flow of city energy to your needs. Cross road magic works like nothing else, back alleys become home to temporary alters, celebratory magic is cast when big festivals are in full swing, night clubs are places to practice active trance work, the list goes on and on.

One of the things I have been outrightly told so many times that I want to strangle people who say it is that cities are dead places. Ladies and gents let me introduce you to some of my city companions. Rats, I love rats, probably because my chinese horoscope is the rat. Rats are the wily survivors of the city, living alongside us and make treasure of our trash. Then there's pigeons, the winged garbage disposals, that pack our streets in their communal living ways. Magpies are constantly into things, as are crows, cheekily getting open the tightest sealed containers. There are stray cats and dogs, hunting birds, insects, the possums and here in Melbourne we are graced by black swans on the Yarra River… yeah, nothing lives around here, nothing to see, move on folks.

You see what the biggest problem for me with the arguments presented by most people about city magic is that they don't live it and they don't understand it but they happily tell people you can't do it anyway, which leaves us inner city folk in the minority and wondering where the hell everyone is. It makes the less knowledgeable scared to TRY. I remember being a beginner and wondering if I could ever possibly be a true witch because I lived in the city and felt no real connection to the land. These days I have my modern gods, the keeper of the carpark spaces, the lord of anarchy and punk rock, and a relationship with the spirit of the old building I live in and the spirits in the streets I walk daily, and I wouldn't trade it for the peace of the countryside for more than the occasional weekend. City witchcraft is possible, powerful and full of magical and spiritual potential if you've got the balls to try it and the will to ride out trying to figure out how to commune with spirits of cement and steel, just don't shoot it down before you give it a shot…

And for the love of mercy stop trying to tell me I need to move to the country to commune with nature. Cities are as natural to human beings as it comes.