Are you ready for some honest advice? Do you wish your confidante would tell you the truth of your plight? Would you like real and practical advice for the here and now?

Welcome to my column Ask Witch Weezie!

I am a no holds barred Pagan Agony Aunt/Counsellor offering practical advice, truth your mother is too afraid to give you. I answer the questions your friends shy away from with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. My perspective and opinions differ to other counsellors because Biology and the natural state is always taken into account. Sometimes a fresh perspective is all that is needed when faced with a challenge that is seemingly insurmountable.

I will laugh at you if you are stupid, cry with you if you are broken, help you if you need it, allow you to vent, be self indulgent and sooky then slap you back into shape.

Are you ready for the truth, ready to take a stand for your rights and ready to take responsibility for your actions? If so write to me.

All correspondence should be addressed to

In the subject line please write 'Ask Witch Weezie'  then your own title to the question such as 'Is it me or is it them?' or "Is it ethical to date two women at once?' or 'Help I turned my boyfriend into a frog and now he hopped away?'
Basically a short title explaining the nature of the question.

I am a qualified Counsellor/Relaxation Therapist  and student studying a degree in Sociology and Naturopathy.

Questions regarding health, relationships, stress related situations, grief, ethical and moral delimmas, work related issues, conflict, magic, nutrition, children and family are all great subjects so ask away.

All questions may not be answered but I will do my best to answer the first email I recieve every month and answer others based on importance, social interest, and humour.

Ask Witch Weezie