The City Witch


Q. Can a person be a witch/pagan and still live in the city?

A. Yes, of course, the setting does not dictate what is in a person's heart and soul.

However, it is hard to "relink" with the energies of the natural world, without becoming more sensitive to them. Both physically and metaphysically, cities are places in which energy is broken up and disrupted in ways which can be very disturbing, even painfully uncomfortable, to a person who is sensitive to energy, in any way. Just as the steel frame of an office building can disrupt and even break up the electromagnetic signal of a cellular phone, it can and does disrupt the electromagnetic fields of the human body, and the other subtle energies with which a witch or pagan works in all of their daily living.

Our modern homes are permeated with the electromagnetic fields created by electrical wiring, phone wires, and water pipes, as well as by the contents of those homes, such as the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) (so called because it uses a ray beamed outward at (and not stopped by) the screen in order to create the picture) found in nearly every TV and computer monitor. Our kitchens hold a device that shoots microwave beams, which are stopped so imperfectly that people with pacemakers have to be warned to stay away from it. The wires which carry the electricity which powers all of these devices create some of the strongest fields, apart from devices designed to create a transmission ray, such as radio broadcast towers, and cellular phone retransmission towers, all of which create fields so disruptive that they've been known to create health hazards.

The more we attune ourselves to our bodies, the more our efforts allow us to become aware of our interconnection with our environment, the more aware we will become, aware of our impact on each other, and our impact on our environment, as a result of its growing impact on us. We have broken the natural lines of force, and created new ones, and the gross effects, such as cancer clusters, only serve to reinforce what the sensitives already knew - we cannot disrupt the flow of energy inside of our body any more safely than we can disrupt the flow of the blood within our veins, and we cannot safely disrupt the energies of the world outside of us any more than we can safely disrupt the seas. Few places on Earth provide such concentrated pockets of disruption of the natural world to which our bodies and souls are attuned, as does a city. The more closely we connect with, and link with, the natural world, the less we are able to tolerate this kind of disruption.

In addition, the sheer numbers of people, and the small space allotted to each, creates an overlapping of "zones of personal space", the larger manifestation of the aura which is what makes an inhabited house feel perceptibly different from one in which no one else is present. Just as psychological studies have repeatedly shown that rats, jammed together past the point where their minimum "personal space" requirements can be met, will begin showing abnormal behaviour such as hoarding food and physical violence in the absence of provocation, human beings cannot tolerate this kind of compression or overlapping of their "zones of personal space" without disruption to the energies of which such space is a manifestation, which may explain why we exhibit the same kinds of behavioural abnormalities as rats, when we are jammed together.

For reasons such as these, many pagans/witches can find it increasingly difficult to live in the city, as their connection with the natural world deepens and grows. By the same token, there are strong attractions to living in a more natural space, such as may be found in the country, or at the heart of a nature reserve.

Just as the disruptions to the natural energies of life can make it hard to live in a city, places where those energies flow strongly, without disruption, can benefit the person who is attuned to them.

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