by Margaret Copland

The concept of "Witch Bottles" or  "Spell Bottles"  has been around since at least the 1500's as an ancient form of  Folk Magick used to ward off evil spirits and protect yourself from your enemies;  as well as deflecting the  bad  intentions back from where they come.  They were probably called witches bottles because they were once specifically used to keep the curses of a witch away.

When building a new house a witches bottle might be included in the construction e.g. placed under the fireplace, inside the walls, or under the floor beneath the front entranceway etc. 

as a form of magickal guardian.

These ancient bottles are still turning up today, as they were quite popular again in the 1800’s.

 Nowadays modern witches magick can be combined with traditional charms and used to create a protection talisman for yourself and your property - the bottles being used to symbolically draw in and trap any hostile intentions or negative energy and/or reflect it back.

 Traditional ingredients used to trap bad energy are 'nasty'  things rusty nails, thorns, broken glass; ‘cleansing’ elements like  salt and other symbolic elements - like the key to represent property.  I've also included the pentagram as a symbol for protection and balance. Traditionally you would add nail clippings, hair soil from house and  other personalizing items - you could  even add a scroll on which to write your name/s, other personal details / symbols,  the date and your intention in creating this protective talisman. 

 The bottle is then most often filled with your urine (symbolizing your essence) or you can use wine or water.

 This rhyme - found over the internet - could also be said as part of a ritual:

 Thrice around the circle bound, Evil sink into the ground.  Lord of Life, Lady of Light join me here for this rite.  I have made this bottle for my protection, according to ancient ways and tradition.  Direct all harm sent my way - to this grave I make today.  Return it threefold to the send.  And let my life ever be better.  Open my ears to hear and my eyes to see.  As I do will, so mote it be.

 These bottles are then usually hidden - often buried at least 12 inches deep in the furthest corner of your property or in a place likely to remain undisturbed for many years - e.g. nearby woods.  The belief being that as long as the bottle remains hidden and unbroken the magick will remain active.