Witch’s Mark came together in early 2006. The idea was for a Pagan religious Rock band to create and perform music for the local Pagan community. We perform original music, some cover songs and parodies of popular songs converted to a Pagan theme. Most of the songs we perform are of Pagan subject matter. All of the band members are active Pagans and we are very dedicated to our beliefs & music, so we figured it would be great to combine the 2 greatest loves in our lives and voila Witch’s Mark is the offspring.


The Members

Mannun - Guitars & Back Vocals


Mannun started playing guitar when he was 15 years old. He joined up with his High School jazz band. When Mannun was 18 he landed his first working gig with a local country band called The Arizona Heat, even though his passion was Rock he figured any gig is a good gig. After about a year playing country, Mannun found a band called Sudden Impakt that was a Rock band and he quickly jumped on the wagon to fulfill his need for music. After a few years Sudden Impakt suddenly impacted and Mannun moved on to play with numerous other bands including DILIGAF, Minor Frustration and Carpe Noktum. Growing tired of the same old scene, Mannun decided to try something different which brings us to Witch’s Mark which originally started out as an acoustical band, but slowly molded into a Pagan Rock scenario.



Mannun is a 3rd Degree Gardnerian High Priest and has been a Wiccan for 18 years, 8 of which as a Traditional Gardnerian. He currently Priests Path of the Sacred Pentacle Coven with his wife Lady Thelema.


Thelema  - Keyboards



Thelema originally began musically performing with her father as a child. He would let her stay home from school sometimes, but only if she promised to have a jam session with him playing guitar and Thelema singing. Thelema started playing keyboards when she started a cover band with Mannun called Shits and Giggles. After about a year this band dissolved and Thelema’s next performance was 10 years later with Witch’s Mark where she found her passion for music and Wicca combined and dove in head first. Thelema influences are any bands with a melodic darker nature and she loves fast paced aggressive Metal bands.


Thelema is a 3rd Degree Gardnerian High Priestess and has been a Wiccan for 19 years, 8 of which as a Traditional Gardnerian. Her coven is called Path of the Sacred Pentacle and she leads her coven with her beloved consort & husband Mannun.


Rowan - Lead Vocals



Rowan began singing as soon as she could speak. She sang with her mothers old 45 records that she played on her Happy Days record player. As she grew up she gravitated to every class that involved music from elementary school through high school. In college her major was Musical Theater.

 In her years in college she was trained by Rosemary Schock, and John Secada, though he was then known as Juan Secada and was writing for Gloria Estefan doing translations  from English to Spanish for her albums.

 Rowan plays a little guitar and a bit of flute. Her musical influences are The Indigo Girls, Janis Joplin, Jewel and most other girl bands.  “I am really enjoying the music that we are creating and I am glad to be a part of Witches Mark.”



Rowan is a 3rd Degree Gardnerian Priestess of Clan of the Sacred Chalice. She has been a practicing Wiccan since the age of sixteen. She worked as a solitary witch for sixteen years until she lost her eyesight. Her loss of vision caused her to seek out like minds to train with. That is when the Goddess led her to Mannun & Thelema.


Axiom - Drums



 Axiom began his journey with music at the age of nine years. He started playing the guitar and moved on to drums by the age of eleven. He joined his first band at the age of fifteen playing the rhythm guitar for Dirty Minds. They played everywhere between New York and Rhode Island for the next four years.


When he graduated from High School in his home state of Rhode Island he moved to Florida where his love of the ocean and the sunshine led him. Then he slacked on his passion for music until 1994 when he joined Minor Frustration. Axiom was playing  drums as the band was having  difficulties finding a drummer. That was when they found Mannun to play bass guitar. After a year Mannun left the band leaving Axiom with Minor Frustration for another two and a half years.  Mannun and Axiom maintained their friendship.


They met up again musically in 1999 to form Carpe Noktum. They played locally until 2001 when the disillusion of the band occured. The two remained friends along with Mannun's wife Thelema who plays keyboard for Witch’s Mark today.



Axiom is a 2* Gardnerian Witch.


Dylan - Bass



Dylan started playing Bass when he was approached by Mannun whom propositioned him for the job. Dylan replied “That would be great, but there is just one problem… I have never played a musical instrument before” Mannun told him he was a Bass player he could see it in him, and Dylan gave it a shot and low and behold he loved it and has been a dedicated musician ever since. Dylan’s influences are mostly mellow, i.e. Tom Petty, 3 Doors Down, Bob Seger, etc.



Dylan is a 3rd Degree Gardnerian Priest of Path of the Sacred Flame, and has been a Wiccan for 12 years, 6 of which as a Traditional Gardnerian.



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