~ The Wayfinder ~


We all look forward to recieving special gifts or letters in our mail box. We all look forward to purchasing or getting as a gift that special item which you intuitively knew was meant for you.

Imagine my Rapture when I recieved my very special treat sent to me from the USA. It wasn't a paid item but rather a gift of thanks, crafted, created and sent to me by my very good friend Rev. Stormy Monday (Rob) in exchange for my advertising and promotion of his wonderful and marvellous work.

Excitedly, I opened the box and unwrapped the item, and then stood in awe, as I stroked and caressed my "precious". The exquist craftmanship and detailed which was evident was magnificent. I felt the energy of love and devotion to his craft that was channeled into the production of this creative and artistic master-piece.

I fondled my "precious" lovingly and then, proudly showed it to Dragonfly. When our good-friend Barley Sing called around that afternoon I again trotted it out to proudly show it off. Anyone, who ventured into our home the following week was solicited by me to view my "precious". Our good friend Amethyst had it shoved under her nose a number of times but when she went to touch it, I quickly pulled away and in my best gollum voice and impersonation snapped: "My Precioussssssssss!"

Now, being a Shaman and not a particularly follower of Wiccan or Witchcraft practising path, I would hesitate in having a Book of Shadowws or a Book of Light until I recieved this very special gift. A wood-panelled, carved and engraved, leather bound Book of Shadows. The book has since been labeled and called "The Wayfinder's Little Book of Wisdom - Book of Shadows: Book of Light".

Rev. Stormy Monday is a TRUE Artisan. A craftman of modern treasures. His engravings and etchings in wood are beautiful well crafted designs which enrich the mind and are a feast to the eyes. His work is filled with power and energy of love and peace and his unique individual works are enspelled with the secrets of the Artisan.

His panels as evident on his website are marvellous and his Book of Shadows although studded wood panels bounded in leather three ringed binders are wonderful inventions. You can take pages out and put new ones in at your desire. Although, some waugs will state that they are not Traditional Book of Shadows, remember this, glued pages and leather bound books were not invented until after the Vatican decided to commission a book maker to produce the Bible and then the fad took hold.

Traditional Books of Shadows were written on parchment paper and then scrolled up, tied and then place in a magically sealed box.

Rev. Stromy Monday's Book of Shadows are Unique as they a Binders with parchment paper inside which you can take out or add to when you so desire. They are not permently stuck in the book. On top of this and this is the real magical part of his creations. They are magically sealed with and by his wonderful handcrafted engravings which cover the books cover.

I can highly recommend his work and his artistic Craftmanship. He is a Master of his Magic.

Master Craftman Rev. Stormy Monday


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