“Tell us about yourself” the Wayfinder asks.

"When asked to write a blurb, i thought.. hmmm.. make sure you dont dribble on, But knowing me I will. hehe. So deepest apologies in advance "

Where to start.... born in Victoria... moved to SA, when I was 2. Not that far back right? he he.. ok..

I’m married to my true soul mate, Mike. I’m 37 years old. and we have 4 wonderful children. Vicky-19, Aidan-16, Nathan-13, and Jazzy-8 going on 21. (yes i now have velcro between my knees)
We are a mad house, (even our answering machine says so).

A few years back we moved out into the country, from the city, and we are loving every minute of it. We seem to spend so much more time together as a family.

I am very family orientated. Currently a volunteer at our local cfs. Love craft, art, poetry, photography, stamp and postcard collecting, wood burning, beading, music!, anything Egyptian, and story writing. Id love to one day finish my novel (currently about 8 pages lol.. but it does have an ending sentence) As well as a few computer games, ie runescape, and Sims 2.. Nuts about (my husband), music (said that before didn’t i?), magick, dragons, Isis, Bast, Crystal healing, and other metaphysical things interest me. Currently learning Reiki, to improve myself.

I love doing websites and creating graphics., I currently have 2 country fire service websites, (for Macclesfield, and Strathalbyn) my nieces beauty business, a Rememberence site for my cousin, and our poetry, and craft sites. (all linked from )

I do suffer from mental illness, or as someone I met said a mental (skill) ness. I do however feel now, that this makes me more open to *listen* to myself better. However I am fairly fed up with a system that doesn’t work for people who really want it

My spiritual path has been a long one, and i feel i still have a long way to go. I was brought up uniting church, till about 13.. And honestly don’t regret one day of it. As i feel i did learn how to respect people. But nothing ever felt truly right within.
After hopping from one church to another, even to others such as Satanism, and Baha’i, I finally found the right yellow brick road for me to follow. But my roads more purple than yellow.

I have just recently joined the Oak and Mistletoe online course, soon to be the face to face for me. I have learnt so much about myself, and my world it astounds and amazes me more and more every day.

I find myself attached to Egyptian history, and gods and goddess’s. And I’m going to study further in the near future.

Ok I’m being dragged away, my head is saying “enough” already hehe.. But that’s pretty much me. Yes I have facebook, and MySpace.. Feel free to look me up

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