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“Tell us about yourself” the Wayfinder asks.

"Oh crumbs, where do I start? Ok , lets think about this logically…"


Having dabbled with several different paths, I finally walked onto the Wiccan path and while it’s fair to say that I’m very Druidic in my approach, Wicca is my spiritual home. To cut a long story short, I initially learnt within the Gardnerian tradition, was later initiated into a more eclectic group and eventually developed my own coven, Oak and Mistletoe or O & M as it’s affectionately known. O & M is both a face to face teaching coven located in Adelaide and as part of the Community Church of Inclusive Wicca, we’re also an online teaching coven with students all over the world. It’s a warm, caring community and one I’m incredibly proud to have helped bring about.

I’ve written a couple of Wiccan books, the first two were a basic Wiccan training program (one for the southern hemisphere and one for the northern) and there are two more books (one on Pagan rituals and one crafting your own Wiccan tools) to be published this year if I can get them finished on time.

If you’re interested in O & M you can find it here… www.oakandmistletoe.com.au

The Rest of Me

Heck, this is where the real fun starts! Heaven knows where to start here!

I have a neglected partner, four adult kids who all think they’re all grown up and one gorgeous grandson with another on the way. There’s also the four feline kids who rule the house and the turtle who’s grown so fast he now needs to have his own pond. I used to breed Burmese cats until last year but realised there weren’t 30 hours in every day which I needed and that something had to give!

I work full time in the mining industry as a manager in HR and Training. Love the job but it does take me away from home for 9 days out of every fortnight because I work in the middle of the South Australian desert. That can make organising rituals and the rest of my life quite difficult at times but hey, we all have life type stuff thrown at us most of the time.

I’m also the founder and Public Officer of a new charitable cause called the Pink Candle Foundation which essentially aims to offer people in need a favour or good deed just when they need it. Favours are done for people regardless of their race, religion, age, colour creed or any other factor and we pay for that through membership fees, the sale of some fantastic products, donations and corporate sponsorship. Without trying to sound too much like an advert, please support us here at www.pinkcandles.org. It’s a fantastic cause and you can be part of helping us change someone’s world.

As if all that’s not enough, last year I finished a PhD researching how Wiccans and Witches learn to be Wiccans and Witches. From the research, I developed a new theory of learning based on intuition rather than on the more traditional theories and this is now slowly being accepted by the education discipline in academia worldwide. The book for the research is being published by an American publisher and gets released this year. Very exciting!

Amethyst's Facebook

Oak and Mistletoe

Pink Candle Foundation

High Priest Helel

One of the most dynamic free-thinkers I know. Helel is the High Priest of Ordo Sacerdotalvs Templi and like Amethyst above, I am very proud to be able to count them in my list of friends and peers as their unique perspective on Spiritual paths and Ancient practices are invaluable. They are both shining lights for their acolytes and students.


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