“Tell us about yourself” the Wayfinder asks.

When Michael asked me to write about myself I was a little stunned … Its not often that I go in to the complexities of my life as I am too busy living it … putting it down on paper seems very surreal as I read it back.. But this is me … Known to most people as Crimson Fyre … and to my family and friends as Vana …

I was born in a place called Skopje, MACEDONIA and arrived in Australia at the age of 6 … Having turned 30 now I know the cliché “where ever I may roam I’ll still call Australia home …” And so here I am. I am a mother, my son Braeden who is just 5mths old and has brought me to a whole new side of existence… Magickal….

So who am I .. Well let’s start with what I love … I'm a huge horror movie fan. Magick , Music and Metal make my world go round ....

I'm a vocalist for the Melbourne pagan duo RAVENWOLF visit us at and I’m the vocalist and drummer for EVISCIRATUM (black/death metal) visit us at

When I'm not doing that I'm playing Guitar , writing lyrics , jamming, recording, mixing and making magickI own and operate Eternal Flame an Occult and Spiritual Supplies, Services and Education Business in Melbourne ....visit us at

I'm a lover of Photography and artistic pursuits...I am involved in development and teaching of the Eclectic Wiccan Practice...I run the Eternal Flame Coven in Melbourne.. visit us at collect rare and old texts...I'm most interested in occult books and am an avid collector of pre 19th century printed texts and volumes...

So..I am a Mother… Photographer ... Artist … Musician … Witch … and usually insane if I don’t keep myself busy ... so hence all the activity...

At the end of each day I’m just me…

Come say hello...




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