JUNE 2009

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Tell us about your Spiritual Path?

"Way back when I was little and found I had some precognitive abilities my grandfather taught me how to read the Tarot. From the age of 8-9 I was interacting with higher powers and though from a fiercely catholic family, who contradicted their every breath by going to psychics and reading tarot themselves, I realised that Christianity was not for me. I was 13 or so when I started feeling connections with witchcraft and the elements, it was a natural progression from there on... and here I am today... ecclectic wiccan and a fierce activist for human and civil rights and protector of the innocent - I am currently about to start working for Queer TV - on Aurora on Foxtel- being bisexual and a witch I get to promote the things I am passionate about!!  EQUAL RIGHTS!!.... *as I pull on the undies on the outside, strap on the cape and re-adjust my mask* I currently work in a company that is strongly Christian... LMAO and PROUDLY wear my pentegram and announce
 that I am Pagan. Infact the wiccan rede is my desktop... how is that for walking thin lines???? Oh well... I love my spirituality because no matter where I am in time... or death.... it is always with me.

I am also, the High Priestess for Leshanki "

What do you live for?

"I live each day for that one single moment. It is selfish and I know it. I dont apologise or make excuses, but this life is all I have right now and every piece of it matters, so it is up to me to live for every moment. Because you just dont know when it will be your last one. Never give up, Never slow down, Impulse makes life interesting and allows you to take opportunities that you never would any other time!"

Tell us more about yourself?

"Well lets see what do you want to know.... Pretty forward, and outspoken. I can be impatient and tend to want to take things head on which isnt always the best idea in the world. I love networking and meeting new people and helping them how ever I can. I love my children and my partner, in all honesty I wouldnt change anything about my life at all. hmmmm actually maybe there are a few minor tweaks but on a whole most of it is all good."

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