Why I get up Every Morning


This morning I received a really inspiring email from a very dear work colleague, Alistair, which I’d like to share with you. It simply had the words “Why I get up every morning” in the subject header and attached was a photo of Alistair with his toddler daughter. It brought tears to my eyes. Let me put this in context for you.

I work in the mining industry and each one of us spends at least a week away in every two at our site in a remote location. We literally work in the desert almost a 1000 kilometres away from the nearest city, away from our families, away from our loved ones, away from our friends, our homes, our pets, the supermarket, the bank, the local sports club, the hairdresser, the gym, the coffee shop and so on. We work in what I call a ‘dissociated environment’ and while we’ve created a community here together at our site, it’s nowhere near the same as being home with the people we love.

Alistair’s email drove home for me just how incredibly important our loved ones are. Sure we might get annoyed when the kids whinge and whine about not having the same clothes or toys as their friends at school and of course we sometimes get frustrated when our partner’s drive us nuts but we’re human and so are they. Stop for just one minute right now and ask yourself these questions. What impact would it have on your life if you never saw those kids again? How would you cope with never hearing their laughter or feeling their trusting hand in yours? How would your life change if your frustrating but devoted partner never came home again? Where would your joy, your satisfaction, and your peace come from if you could never feel the touch of your loved one again or see their smile?

People, our children our parents, our partners, our loved ones are always what present us with the most frustrating challenges but that’s because they’re so dam important. If they weren’t important to us, we wouldn’t care. But we do care and sometimes we forget that we care.  We can own all the ‘shiny things’ in the world like the latest toaster, the fastest production car, the biggest house and so on and while we might own things, we still may not be at peace. We will never own our loved ones but they are the treasures we have the privilege to share our lives with every day. Our loved ones are the most precious, the most valuable and important impacts on our lives and if you stop for just one moment and think about how your life would change if they were no longer in it, you can quickly see that the toaster, the car and the house mean nothing in comparison.

So today, tomorrow, the day after that and the day after that, wake up giving thanks for the treasures of your life. Not the ‘shiny things’ but your loved ones. Today, tomorrow, the day after that and the day after that let your treasures know just how valuable they really are to you. Make sure they know that they’re the most important treasure in your world because that’s exactly what they are. They’re your ‘shiny treasure’.

Smiles and blessings,


I believe

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Publishers Footnote:

Due to a very hectic life-style and the wonderous fact that our dear Amethyst has returned to University, Amethyst's articles will be contributedon a more irregular fashion.