This is a song I wrote called Witchin' Hour. It's the live version from KIVA's Live at the Forest Inn. The following is the credits for this particular song and it's copyright information. I'm happy for folks to be able to listen to this for free and our website is

to get more OR if folks want to download songs they can get them from

(a truly wonderful website for musicians). I DO NOT give permission for folks to record this song without paying royalties, however, just to be clear. If someone wants to satirize or "filk" the song, I just need to be contacted for permission as is the normal way of doing things.

Copyright Ariana Lightningstorm 1990
Words and Music by Ariana Lightningstorm
Vocals - Ariana Lightningstorm, Amikaeyla Gaston
Shakers - Dave Landis
Diana McFadden - Cello
Diana Sunday - Dumbek
Eve Jones: Finger Snaps
Nicole Cooley: Guitar

From KIVA - Live at the Forest Inn


Ariana Lightningstorm


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