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PAGAN WAYS - Damh the Bard
Ostara - Bell Book & Canto
Black Sun - Dave Astaire
Wendel the Witch - Flutatious
Dragonfly - Heartbeat
More - Hobby Horse
Spiral Dance - David Pendragon
Sun God - Galley Beggar
Calling The Spirit - Tribe World Ensemble
Drawing Down The Moon - Tracy Lundgen
The Hunt Comers - Tuatha Dea
Om Sekhmet - Abbi Spinner McBride
Inanna Blue - Hecate's Wheel
One Spirit - Spiral Rhythm
Symbol - Celia Farran
Land of the Sidhe - Beltana Spellsinger
Witchin' Hour- Live - Kiva
Isis-Astarte-Buddha-Jesus - Zorah Staar
Metaphysical Vision - M. Andrew O'Hearn
Ancient Family - Land of the Blind
Sun Goddess - Dream Aria
As Above So Below - Wendy Rule
Aphrodite and Pan - Kellianna
Witches of Killkenny - Land of the Blind
Like An Eagle - Jennifer Mayer
Spark To A Flame - Legend
Different Breed - Cheri Shanti
The Death of Winter - Celia Farran
Halloween - Swanky Ivy
Fate Take One - John Katon
Temple - Elvendrums
Beltane Fire - Gaia Consort
Whispers in the Boughs - Fay Brotherhood
Away - Taia Knight
Maiden Warrior Mother Crone - Murphey's Midnight Rounders
Samhain - Pagan Altar
Babalon - Husbands 'N' Knives
Come Down - Ginger Doss
Gypsy Witch - Spriggan Mist
Tears of Time - Witch Mob
Leave It - Talis Kimberley
Fanga - Dragon Ritual Drummers
Oracle - Gaia Consort
The Importance of Being Brigit - Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus
The Horned God - Kellianna
Rootless - SJ Tucker
Girt With A Serpent Heart - Sharon Knight
My Pagan Girl - Kenny Klien
Power of Awen - wyldwyverne
Loki - Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus
Isle of Avalon - Beltane
Urban Elements - Ginger Doss
Shiva's Breeze - Primal Circle
Ghosts Of The Lower 9th Ward - Kenny Klien
Wiccan Soldier - Witch's Mark
Tangled In Green - Beck Sian
Harvest Me - Izzy's Daughter
Serpentine Seduction - Dragon Ritual Drummers
Gathering - Gaia Consort
Sabbat Night - Witch's Mark
The Quickening - Spiral Dance
Continental Isolation - Wendy Rule




NOTE: Please be aware that the actual Podcasts go for 15-20 minutes and start at the 30 minute mark. Do Not be put off from listening please.


Turn Music Player off before listening to podcast

Featured Musicians Episode #9



Bell Book & Canto



Worship the Music! Support Peace in the Global Community and Join our TRIBE of Peace!


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