Thank you so much for the opportunity to jump in on this.

The song I'm offering is called "Rootless". You wouldn't believe how many emails I've gotten from folks on the Path -and on other paths- in response to this song: social workers, soldiers and their wives,
people who work with troubled youth, teachers, nurses, doctors...

When I performed this It all started with two conversations I had, with two different people, on one magickal day.

The first: my friend Sean-Michael told me about counseling a friend of his through PTSD. He used the phrase "heavy medicine" to describe
those moments when you suddenly realize that someone really does need you there, and the rest of the world goes quiet; when we become a channel for the right words, the right healing, because the gods are
working through us.

The second: my friend Roberta came back from studying the plant lore of the Amazon with indigenous crones and wise women there, and she gifted me several herbal concoctions she'd made. These gifts came with specific instructions- put this one on your wrists, wear this one on top of it, use this right before you go on stage... "Your heart is just so damn big, honey, we've got to get some protection for it.
None of us on the Path can ground right now, because the earth is working through her own problems." "We ride rootless," I thought, andunderstood.

That afternoon, I wrote the following:

We ride Rootless
on Heavy Medicine
disconnected from the ground.

The next morning, the rest of the song tumbled out.

One of the first times I performed this live was at a concert in Berkeley, CA, sponsored by the Come As You Are coven. This song had the whole audience in tears, as they did a spiral dance in the back of
the hall, waving sage wands around in place of upheld lighters. True story. Since then, it's inspired fervent dancing, more tears, and a whole lot of healing.

It's my hope that the song will continue to provide healing as part of your project.

"Rootless" was mixed by Ginger Doss and produced by Ginger and me. Words and music are Copyright S. J. Tucker 2011; all rights reserved.

The cover art for the digital single (attached) was painted by Rob Carlos, http://www.colorsmith.com

The photo I've attached was taken by Kesha LaFleur- please make sure you credit her on the site.

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S. J.