As the late Martin Luther King said ..."I Had a Dream!"

The Cosmic Cauldron Newsletter and Cosmic Cauldron Radio were officially launched jointly in February 2008 from an overwhelming urge to construct something creative. The old adage "if you don't use it you loose it" was forever playing on my mind when I found myself 'forced' out of the work force and onto a disability pension in 2004. In actual fact although I have been entitled to a disability pension since 1983 if not much earlier, I always tried to avoid being labeled disabled or affirmed and placed in a social welfare system (here in Australia). Having social welfare qualifications myself, I know from experience that once trapped in the system it is really hard to claw your way back out of it.

Much of what I write here I deliberately left out of my summarized autobiography through fear of having it used against me by one of the people I mention in my autobiography or someone else. However, I am now more confident to reveal much more of my life now that all my projects are coming to fruition.

I was born with mild Aspergers Syndrome, but it never deterred me from learning social skills and coping mechanism to help me sail through the rough oceans of life. I had a brain and an intellect and a deep passion and talent for everything artistic: Poetry, Art, Illustration, Music, Writing, Sculpture. Anything I put my mind to I could not only succeed at but was, modesty forbid, rather good at.

For 10 years of my life after leaving high school I pursued a Musical career as well as a Graphic Designer career until late in 1983 when I was left for dead after a brutal assault. I was left with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as some bad physical injuries. I was also left bitter and twisted and suicidal. Three months after being released from hospital and a short recuperation, I decided to wrap a motor bike around an electricity pole in an attempt to finish the job where my assailants had failed and found myself back in hospital and facing many months of rehabilitation.

I had to learn to walk again and to talk again and to learn again.

To cut a long story short, as a result of all my injuries (both from the assault and the bike accident), I found myself with arthritis throughout my entire body, a bung leg, a crippled right hand and half deaf. MY musical career and my artistic career where somewhat finished.

I still dabbled in the artistic side to a degree but decided that now was the chance for a career change, so I undertook a Marketing course and attained a Marketing certificate but marketing did not really appeal to me so I again switched careers and enrolled in a Youth Worker Diploma course.

IT was during this time, that my artistic ambitions really took a dive. I found out that I was losing my eyesight and am now medically certified as half blind.

Yet music and art and poetry still course through my veins and like the blood that keeps my heart beating and my brain functioning, it is the art within that makes my soul sing and my spirit soar.

As a young musician, I played in bands as a member of ,or a session musician with, Dingo, Lunar Sea, Gold Rush, Radio Birdman, as well having worked as a roadie for Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, Brian Cadd, Stevie Wright, Richard Clapton, my good friend Barry Leef and several others. As musicians have a tendency to associate with other musicians (mostly at the good ole "Muso's Club" in Surrey Hills or across the road at the Celtic Club or The Paradise at Kings Cross) I remember getting drunk or stoned with Billy Thorpe, Brian Mannix, Ted Mulry, Lobby Lloyd, Jon English and Doug Parkinson (the last two gentlemen I considered friends at the time ... Jon even dated my sister for a while). I even recall getting drunk with Lou Reed when he toured Australia at the Beef, Steak and Bourban in Kings Cross. I could also lists the Journalists, Cartoonists and Artists I have known but the list would be endless Most musicians and artists, especially during the early 1970s -up to the early1980s, lived an alternative life style or had alternative points of view and often spirituality, especially here in Australia.

MY need to be around music, to write poetry and to create beautiful web pages and works of art are still very strong and now I find myself with a great deal of time on my hands the need to create is extremely overwhelming. I may not get paid in a 9 to 5 job anymore and may find that I am on a minimal income being a disabled pensioner but that does not mean I should stop creating, stop using my intellect and sit idle and vegetate.

I need to give back to the community, to assist those who need assistance and to assist the Alternative Spiritual Community and help it grow.

What initially began as a hobby to keep my eye in, my brain functioning and my creativity alive has culminated in my Newsletter, this Radio Podcast, my Music and Comedy videos and The Druid's Dreaming Event and with the love and support of my partner, Dragonfly and the joys of being the father of beautiful adoring children, I have in my 53 years Never been so happy.

Especially when I am creating.

I hope you enjoy these webpages as much as I have creating them for you.


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