Bell Book and Canto are happy to take part and contribute to such a worthwhile initiative
Attached is the song we'd like to contribute.The title is Ostara, Lyrics by Mia Jones, Written/Arranged by Jenn Mayes. Soloist in the beginning is Mia Jones, and the duet in the middle is sung by Lisa Tyson and Stacy Vilches.

To give you a little background on the song, it's about the origins of the Easter Egg Hunt. As the story goes, Once upon a time when there weren't nifty things like Weathermen or the Internet, folks needed to know when it would be safe to plant their crops. They didn't want to wait too long, but at the same time, if they planted too early and there was another frost, then that would spell disaster for the survivability of the family.

So, what they did was take all their short folk (read children), and send them out into the woods to do what kids do best: climb trees. While they were up there, they would look for bird's nests and in those nests, they would look to find the (drumroll please) pretty colored eggs. You see, birds know instinctively when the last frost has come, because they won't lay their eggs until after it has passed.

Hence the origin of the frantic search for colored eggs by young children. It was a festive occasion ... especially if there were little eggs to be found, because that meant that the crops could go into the earth and start growing for harvest.

If you need them, here are the lyrics:


I recall, ages ago
When the Earth, freed from the snow
Yet to bloom, yet to grow
Yet to awake.

Wind on your face, Child of the Winter
Colored strangely scarlet and gold
Can you hear Spring on the morning
Whisper your name?

How do we know it's time to plant?
The winds are still cold, the ground is still wet
How will you know the time that is best?
Come, let me tell you how:

You've seen green grass through the snow
Young ones of the hare and the doe
Maple Sweet starting to flow
See what She brings

Lift your eyes up past the brances
Lift your eyes up past the green
First true light, Ostara's blessing
On sparrow wings

Child of mine, look to the nest
Child of mine the birds know best
Bright colored eggs, sweet safe and warm
Spring has returned again.

Come to me back through the wood.
If the birds have laid what they should
Then the Earth lost in it's dreaming
Wakes once again.

Gone the frost, not to return
Till the leaves brighten and burn
But for now, gather the seeds
We have work to do!

I hope you enjoy it!

Jenn Mayes
Bell Book and Canto