Please Note

1. All artists who have contributed their works to this project retain the Universal copyright over said work and retain the right to retain any financial gain from said contribution.

2. All contributed works are done so without charge for promotional download in support of the concept "Pagans for Peace"while the phrases "Pagans for Peace" , "Musicians for the Earth" and Deranged Duck Productions remain the intellectual property of Michala Lee-Price and may be used in the future to promote a live event or concert. No music offered under the free download project will be played at such an event unless the artists is contracted to appear

3. The "Pagans for Peace" project is not for profit and the promoter will make no income from the free downloads.

4. That every effort will be made to ensure that the originator of a song is properly credited with a work if it is covered by another artist, but original works will be prioritised.

5. The offer of a free download of a song is done with the clear intention of introducing a range of artists to new ears and expand the fan base of like minded musicians. By Downloading the music offered it will be taken as given that the music is for personal use only and no financial gain will be made by any party from the music offered freely.

6. Any included quotes, statements or comments from contributing artists represent their position only and can not be assumed to reflect the opinions of other artists involved in the Project.

7. Any artwork unless contributed by the artist which have been specifically designed for this site and page and the "Pagans For Peace" logo remain the copyrighted intellectual property of Deranged Duck Productions and MiChala Lee-Price.

8. The "Pagans For Peace" project is not connected to the Peace One Day campaign but is a supporter of this campaign and the Global Truce campaign.

9. The "Pagans For Peace" project is not connected to Pagan Organisation or affiliated with any such organisation. The "Pagans For Peace" project is a completely independent entity.

Peace and For The Earth

Namaste & Ubuntu

"We Are One"


Mish Daya Mystique Lee-Price

~ Darkmoon ~

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