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Music is the Spiritual Essence of Worship, No Matter What path you follow. Musicians speak to their Deity or Deities through their Music.

Music helps people forget the troubles of the world and their own personal problems for a while. People find solace in song. Contact with their deity in Chant.

Music can help Bring about Change.

On this site you are able to download FREE music tracks that you can then MIX & MATCH, and compile the songs as you wish and burn to a CD yourself .

It is rewarding enough for the artists here to be able to offer you this courtesy and generous gift ... but equally so it has you wanting to hear more of their wonderful music.

The Artists involved in this project are giving these songs as Gifts Freely. Given in Love. To Generate Peace and Understanding in the Worldwide Community as a whole and not just the Pagan Community. To Listen, Buy and Download more of their Music, go to their individual websites.


MiC Lee-Price

P4p Page  #1  of Music
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P4p Page  #3 of Music
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Pagans For Peace project Home Page

An Open letter from David Pendragon:

I have given one of my songs: "Spiral Dance" to the world as a creative commons licence to have and to hold from this day fourth....do as you will with it an' harm you none. Spiral Dance Song is a free download on this cool site Pagans For Peace. Here's the thing...pass it on the everyone you know who would like a free album compilation of some of the finest Pagan music on the net. You have my permission as the author to use this song in any manner you see fit. Play it at your Gatherings and celebrations, if you are a musician please do your own version of it, put it out on CD compilations...whatever. All you need to do is to acknowledge the writer David Pendragon and I am happy

Downloads of this album are free, I am very interested to see if we can get these songs around the planet and cherished by the community. That is the reward to the musicians who have chosen to be part of this project. Remember the theme though ... PEACE.

Blessed Be.

David Pendragon

Project Overseer


Worship the Music! Support Peace in the Global Community and Join our TRIBE of Peace!


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Featured Australian Artists

The Queen of Australian Pagan Folk and Rock, Wendy Rule supports The Pagans For Peace project

A tribe now supported by Spiral Dance



Pandora's Box

The Other Side

Sphere Of Light

Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus

Global Thunda Network SA/NT/TAZ Dave & Merry

Cosmic Cauldron Network

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If you would like a banner on this site please email me.

If YOU are a PAGAN Musician and would like to donate at least ONE track for people Worldwide to download for FREE please feel free to contact me.


Pagans For Peace

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