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As from APRIL 2008 the Newsletter hopes to make available a page to PROMOTE Calendar Events in Issues. If any member of a listed group wishes a FREE listing of their events on this page all relevant information needs to be sent to the EDITOR three weeks prior to the online publication of the Newsletter's next issue. The May issue of the Newsletter is schedule for publication on the 10th May. Contact the EDITOR for further information.



Forget about visiting Stonehenge in England - a replica of the prehistoric monument is to be built in Western Australia.

Brewer Ross Smith plans to recreate the original Stonehenge on his property at Margaret River in time for the next summer solstice on December 21.

The structure will be made with 2,500 tonnes of granite quarried from Esperance on WA's south coast.

"I'm doing it because I can," Mr Smith told AAP.

England's ruined Stonehenge is now roped off from tourists due to serious erosion.

But anyone visiting the Australian replica will be able to touch and play around a new and complete version of the monument, Mr Smith said.

The Henge, as it will be known, will span 33 metres in a two-hectare area on his Margaret River property.




The World Greatest Shave has come and gone and as reported in the last two issues of this Newsletter, Dragonfly's brother Anthony O'Brien bravely face the scissors to have his beloved 18 inch dreds chopped off for Leukaemia Foundation. All for money raised helps patients and their families living with leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders. It is still not to late to pledge sponsorship.


"POWERFUL MAGIC - Secrets from the Inner

Available only at Lulu.com http://www.lulu.com/sageylee

"Neither fact nor fiction, "POWERFUL MAGIC - Secrets from the Inner
Circle" is offered as an instructional text. Something you can refer
to again and again. It is based on secret Inner Circle information
taught to me at my old school: the Australian branch of The Hermetic
Order of The Great White Brotherhood of Light.

Including an in-depth introduction, an overview explanation of the old
'gnostic' Circle Signs, a guide for the Circle meditation, the Circle
layout, and a set of Circle Signs for your own private use, this
special book contains sacred Inner Circle information about the Great
Journey of "Creation, and How it Occurs".- Sageylee.

Available only at Lulu.com: http://www.lulu.com/sageylee

About the Author:

Taught by the German Druid Master, Edgar Pielke, Sageylee (Leonora)
trained for 22 years (1970-1992) within the Australian branch of the
Great White Brotherhood of Light. She is a writer, musician, Reiki
channel, Tarot reader, Hypnotherapist, Metaphysicist and
Parapsychologist. She is also a Third-level graduate and Ascended
Master of the Brotherhood of Light, having fully completed the cycle
of 22 years."

Sageylee is the Founder of The Great Circle of the Order of the Red
Rose, a daughter group of that branch of the Brotherhood, from which
she offers information about the three Great Circles of Magic; the Law
of the Paradox; and, Creation and How it Occurs.



The most magnificent plaques and Book of Shadows done in wood. The Cosmic Cauldron is proud to be associated with the creator of these beautiful artistic works in wood.


Myspace profile: http://www.myspace.com/witchwoodcreations


A Study on Exorcism


Leith Carne

The following article in the 'Couriermail' has had a bit of attention drawn to
it. The anonymous Priest has said that he is having to perform an exorcism per
week due to the rise in Pagan Practices.


"There has been a recruitment of pagan practices, and it's sheer poison."
I am a co-founder of a small Pagan Activist group called Leshanki: The Children of the Leshy. Some of us are putting together a factual study on exorcisms, and eventually a documentary, to be presented to the media and the Catholic Church.

We are looking for cases of people who have been through an exorcism. Wether it has been performed by a Christian priest, or by a Pagan. The study will compare genuine possession with psychological issues mistaken for possession. 

We will be approaching people of different religions and schisms to get a broad
understanding of what actually takes place, and the psychology behind it. I
would even like to film this practice as it takes place.

If you have experienced an exorcism, witnessed one, performed one or know of someone who has, contact me through my personal email address below with the details. Your identification will remain private, unless you give permission for it to be published.

You can send your information and experience to Leith at:



Emerald Forest

If you are after some beautiful unique clothing such as velvet/lacy
medieval dresses and tops, spider web lace garments, unique velvet hats and other wonderful garments, then you might want to check out The Enchanted Emerald Forest -Definitely One for the Pagan Goddesses and Sexy Witches out there.



Enchanted Walkabouts!

Come view the world through a new set of eyes! Join John Springer on a walk along our hiking trails. See faces in the trees, spinning/waving leaves, fairy thrones/castles, eyes of Merlin, gnomes and other magical and mystical creatures and characters. For All Ages.

The Enchanted Walkabout program will serve a total of 30 adults & children.

This program is designed to instil Earth Awareness and Nature Appreciation in everyone by getting people to see and feel their connection to the natural world. To be able to communicate with the trees, butterflies, dragonflies, the wind, the rain, the flowers and other creations with honour and respect. To have people become One with Nature rather than just walking through the woods and not see the beauty and purpose of all of Creation. To remind people to their role as Stewards of the Earth and to take better care of their home planet. It is the only home that we have!

You can find out more about John Springer and his Enchanted Walkabouts at:



Uncle Festers have just celebrated their thirteenth birthday. Over that time they have continued to innovate and expand and now offer a huge range of Unique Gifts, Jewellery, Clothing and other surprises – specially for Witches, Goths and Individuals. Over 1300 products are available on their all new, state of the art website, many of which they make themselves. These are supplemented by the very best & latest from around Australia, England & the USA . A very exciting new range of Witchy Goth clothing will be added over April – we have nothing like this here! The best way to keep up to date is to subscribe to their eFriends newsletter, through the link on their website


Don't forget you can keep up to date with all the happenings at Uncle Festers, and in the witchy/gothic worlds generally, via our regular Blog


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The Cosmic Cauldron Journal and Newsletter is not the Official journal and Newsletter for The Ancient Ways Incorporated organisation, however any and all members of said organisation are afforded FREE advertising and listings within this online publication.

Ifyou wish to become a member of TAWI please visit their Site.

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Visit the Sageylee's profile this month and join his friend's list.


Earth Heal

The Earth Heal Geoharmonic Research Project provides distant healing work to people, animals, groups, buildings, areas of land and water, and the collective energy field shared by all. More about Earth Heal here.

Check out the Events Calendar also

Adelaide Pagan Parenting

Adelaide Pagan Parenting is open for all parents located in the Adelaide, Adelaide Hills and environs and all local suburbs. The three major criteria for being a member of this group is that you be a South Australian resident, be a parent of a child between 0-5 years and be a Pagan or Heathen (no matter the path you follow). Pregnant/ expecting Parents are also Welcome.

Pagan Parents outside of these criteria may also apply for membership.

Our focus is on Parenting our children effectively while respecting our path, the environment, ourselves and, most importantly, our children as unique individuals.


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