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There is magic in the drift and waft of the wind.
There is magic in the ebb and flow of the tide.

When you close your eyes for a moment.

Close your eyes for a moment..

What you hear in your mind, what you sense in your heart, in that
momentary stillness, bright or dark, is magic.

Everything you touch, everything you do, everything you see and don't
see, everything you know is magic.

Everything that lives, and doesn't live, is magic.

To say magic causes change to occur in conformity with the will, while
useful, is to confine magic to a parameter it transcends by its very

Magic is that which moves, and that which does.

It is that which does not, and is still.

We touch it and use it every day of our lives, whether we know it or not.

Using magic, we create magic.

The casting of Spells and the saying of Prayers are magical actions.
They call magic to us, and send it forward, changed.

Magic lives within us and causes us to live.

The Creation of Life itself is magic unfettered, held in the tiniest
of seeds, the greatest of stars.

All those who wonder, who create, who dream, who pray, who wish, who
do and who wish to do, and not to do, use magic.

Magic is that by which we measure our days, our nights.

It is the spark that brings dreams alive.

Magic is all around us.
It's Time
Remove superstition from Mystery
Open your mind

Sageylee ~ Author "Powerful Magic - Secrets from the Inner Circle"



Spheres Of Light is a friendly and open eclectic pagan organisation that celebrates the circles of life and the seasons through  ritual and gatherings.  We have been conducting our activities in the Sutherland Shire & Illawarra region of NSW, Australia for over 6 years and we have within our ranks a combination of pagans, wiccans, witches, heathens, shamans etc who come together to share experiences, understandings and teachings.

More Information Here



Nancy K Baumgarten is excited to announce Enchanted Forest Intuitive Arts Camp,  July 6 - July   11, 2008 held this year outside the beautiful mountain town of Helen, GA. USA at The Lodge at Unicoi State Park, near waterfalls, mountain vistas & lakes.

More Information Here



Although, the FREE listings of Events on the events page and the featuring of interesting items and news on the front page will continue, a small donation is requested for BANNER promotion and advertising for businesses.

Non-profit organisations will continue to have access to FREE advertising and promotion at my discretion.

Reasonable rates of $20.00 (AUD) for two months will apply from June onwards and if interested businesses or organisations register now, two months FREE advertising will also be credited. That’s four months advertising for a small donation equivalent to $20.00 (AUD).

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The Oxford English Dictionary defines gnosis as, 'A knowledge of spiritual mysteries.' From the word gnosis is derived Gnostic and Gnosticism, the latter a modern construct referring to one of various eastern sectarians flourishing during the early Christian era which claimed to have supernatural knowledge . The term being Koine Greek has, nonetheless, a much broader application than being exclusive to any sectarian group. The term Gnosis is used by Byzantine and Hellenic cultures as a word to mean a special knowledge or insight of the supernatural,[2] in some sense mature understanding or knowledge.[3] It refers to the knowledge that comes from experience rather than from rational or reasoned thinking as in revelation and or intuitive knowledge (see gnosiology).

Raven Kaldera is calling for submissions for his book which is designed to be a handbook for Pagan religious groups as to how to cope with the issue of personal gnosis in your religion. If you are interested in contributing visit the link below for more info.

More Information Here



[The Anti-Heathenism ideology]

The term “Individualism” in the simplest and generalized definition is an “I’m alright Jack, bugger the rest of you” attitude and view-point.

The consideration for family, community, clan and tribe is at no time a relevant focus of the Individualism ideology. Individualism is about the "I" and it is only when the individual chooses to be a part of community that the society becomes important. Family, community, clan and tribe are if anything seen as controlling factors in the Individualists lives and even can be a hindrance.

More Information Here


The Problem of Pagan Bullying

Most people, when asked why Paganism appeals to them as a spiritual path would cite as part of the reason the tolerance, compassion and acceptance that they found from others in the Community. Generally speaking, this would be a fair statement - most Pagans are like this. Unfortunately, as in all religions, there are some who are not as interested in the spiritual aspects as they are in gaining and keeping power over others.

One problem we have is that Paganism is infested with various types of bullies, intent on creating rifts between people so that they gain control of the Communities they deal with. The most common way these people achieve this is through the spreading of rumours and lies in an effort to drive targeted people out of the Community and make those remaining afraid of sharing the same fate if they take a stand against the bully.

More Information Here

The Anti Cyber Bully

Not connected to the above article but in the same vein is this Yahoo group.

This group has been created to combat against Cyber Bullying, Abuse, Harassment, Threats, Copyright Infringements, Plagiarism.

As Yahoo Administration itself, seemingly does not act or is slow to act on reports made to them on these matters, it is deemed necessary to establish a group to document such instances and then assist the Yahoo management by forwarding such reports

More Information Here


Web Site Reviews:

A Word To The Wise

Whilst browsing the Internet and researching possible items worthy of articles for the Newsletter, I came across this wonderful site. It is well worth a visit. The concept and design are marvellous and the information found on the site are extremely beneficial. Definitely one to bookmark.

More Information Here


You have probably dated one ... I married one. Not a site for the adept but definitely a resource for the young wiccan and pagan journeymen/ women amongst us. I know a few young ladies on MySpace who swear by the site. A valuable resource still the same to have in your bookmarks.

More Information Here\

Spirit And Sky

Last but not least. This site is invaluable.

Spirit And Sky - SKR: Spiritual Knowledge Repository authoritative, informative, and educational on all things spiritual. This portal exists to aid and enhance your spiritual education. Please choose a topic below, or search the site. Every topic is researched, and every website submitted here is cleared for quality before being included.

Only the visitors to this site can help it to grow. Definitely worth visiting, contributing too and bookmarking.
An Experience

More Information here
* If you have any suggestions of sites worth my perusal please let me know and I will endeavour to include them in next issues



As from APRIL 2008 the Newsletter hopes to make available a page to PROMOTE Calendar Events in Issues. If any member of a listed group wishes a FREE listing of their events on this page all relevant information needs to be sent to the EDITOR three weeks prior to the online publication of the Newsletter's next issue. The May issue of the Newsletter is schedule for publication on the 10th May. Contact the EDITOR for further information.

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Earth Heal

The Earth Heal Geoharmonic Research Project provides distant healing work to people, animals, groups, buildings, areas of land and water, and the collective energy field shared by all. More about Earth Heal here.


Adelaide Pagan Parenting

Adelaide Pagan Parenting is open for all parents located in the Adelaide, Adelaide Hills and environs and all local suburbs. The three major criteria for being a member of this group is that you be a South Australian resident, be a parent of a child between 0-5 years and be a Pagan or Heathen (no matter the path you follow). Pregnant/ expecting Parents are also Welcome.

Pagan Parents outside of these criteria may also apply for membership.

Our focus is on Parenting our children effectively while respecting our path, the environment, ourselves and, most importantly, our children as unique individuals.


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The Association of United Pagans is Non-Profit California Religious Corporation dedicated to a select set of goals and challenges which are not uncommon to fellow pagans around the globe. The AUP promotes unity, diversity and acceptance under federal and state codes 501(c)(3) and CA 23701(d).

For further information on the Association of United Pagans please visit our website at:


The Yahoo Group is an open group for Pagans and AUP members to get to know one another. Topics may include anything "Pagan" and general life topics, in addition to announcements of local chapter events and openings.

The Group can be Found here

The associated MySpace for AUP is:


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