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The little man and the cosmic cauldron

VLT images 2 nebulae in Carina

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Very Large Telescope's First Light, ESO is releasing two stunning images of different kinds of nebulae, located towards the Carina constellation. The first one, Eta Carinae, has the shape of a 'little man' and surrounds a star doomed to explode within the next 100 000 years. The second image features a much larger nebula, whose internal turmoil is created by a cluster of young, massive stars.

Being brighter than one million Suns, Eta Carinae is the most luminous star known in the Galaxy. It is the closest example of a luminous blue variable, the last phase in the life of a very massive star before it explodes in a fiery supernova.

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Global Events


This issue of The Cosmic Cauldron Newsletter is an absolutely Spectacular one but I can't take all the accolades for myself.
I have had some wonderful contributions from some very well known internet identities. We have been fortunate to have
Mike Gleason, Lady Leila, Dragonfly, Lord Helel, Margaret Copland and Leith Carnie consent in contributing articles from time to time or on a monthly basis.

Without further ado please scroll down and read on. Your feedback on this issue would be greatly appreciated so please don't forget to sign our guestbook.



Kevin from Druidnet sent me some wonderful detailed information about this organisation concerned with Druidry. 

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  Book Review

Avid Book Reader and Book Reviewer, Mike Gleason, joins The Cosmic Cauldron team to contribute monthly reviews.
Mike is renowned in Yahoo groups for his contributions of reviews on books and music. So if you missed any of his reviews in the groups that he posts in, you can always find some other reviews here.

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What is OST?

High Priest Helel of OST writes an introduction to Ordo Sacredotalvs Templi

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  Dragonfly's Haven

Dragonfly writes about Parenting Pagan Children and introduces a NEW Competition page

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Witches Bottle

Margaret Copland contributes a fascinating article about the MAGIC of the Witches Bottle.

More Information Here


A Brief Concise Summary on Shamanism

In an article that I wrote a while back, I attempt to summarise what Shamanism is.

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Northern-Tradition Shamanism

n Kaldera takes you on a fascinating and informative journey on the subject of northern-tradition shamanism. This tradition is a blend of the ancient shamanic traditions of many of the peoples of northern Europe - the Germanic, Norse, Anglo-Saxon, and Saami, and a little bit of Russian and western Siberian.

More Information Here 


  Lady Leila of the Links

Renowned Esoteric Researcher, Leila, joins The Cosmic Cauldron team to contribute articles and some fascinating links to a wide range of subjects. This month you can follow the links and learn all you wish to know about Shamanism and Druids.

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Ohhhh God ... YES!

Leith Carnie contributes an opinion on an interesting subject.

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  Introducing LESHANKI

A NEW Voice of Reason and an Organisation set up to help the Pagan Community in Australia.

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Please SUPPORT our wonderful sponsors who have seen the potential behind our little independent Newsletter and who have joined our little family to ensure its growth. 

I also, wish to Announce that due to the LATE interest of some additional sponsors I will be extending the offer of 4 months for $20 until 12th June.

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Web Reviews

Temple of the Heathen Gods

This is an absolutely Marvellous Website. Beautifully constructed, wonderfully detailed and very informative. A must for the Heathens and Asatrur.


Witches go to the Movies

An interesting review site. May not be everyone's cup of tea but it is interesting to read what the owner of this site has to say on the subject. Don't really know if the web owner is a pagan or not but I enjoyed scrolling through the page anyway.


Maria Killoran - Celebrity Astrologer-Stargazer to the Stars


I particularly liked her "Cosmic Cauldron" page. Her whole site is one for the astrologists and Stargazers amongst us.



The Tears of Time

(A Poem by The Wayfinder)


The Editor is a PROUD  member of and The Cosmic Cauldron equally is a Proud Sponsor of



Emerald Forest


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Earth Heal

The Earth Heal Geoharmonic Research Project provides distant healing work to people, animals, groups, buildings, areas of land and water, and the collective energy field shared by all. More about Earth Heal here.


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