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From Ghoulies and Ghosties and All Things that go bump in the Night, dear Lord protect me.

- - Old Cornish proverb

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I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has had a paranormal or haunting experience.

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This issue of The Cosmic Cauldron Newsletter is somewhat controversial not only because we have some controversial articles but several situations surrounding this issue's publication. One has to love CONTROVERSY. It is a word that seems to roll off the tongue and brings all sorts of visual images to mind. If it wasn't for controversy newspapers, both in print and on-line, would have nothing to publish.

In the last month I have been accused by my detractors of "plagiarism" with allegations that I am publishing material without permission. Of course this is untrue and how would these wags know that I have not been in contact with the authors or creators of the material in question just because I have not used a reciprocal link. After all, not everyone wishes to have their band-width compromised or their details revealed to all and sundry. After all, some of our writers use pseudonyms as to prevent Pagan Bullying (previous article republished). One of my contributors actually wrote to me telling me that they have been threatened and told not to contribute to my publication.

Yes, as stated last month there is a movement afoot to have people boycott my publication and some people have. Their loss!

Even more controversial is the demand by certain people to have the membership of organisations that I am a member of or loosely connected to, to be supplied to them or an organisation that the demanders are attached too. Of course this has nothing personally to do with me (well, I seriously hope not) and it is more in the line of inappropriate conduct, pagan bullying and corporate bullying. Fortunately, here in Australia we have the "Commonwealth Privacy Act" and a legal tort of "Reckless Endangerment" which can squash such demands.

I have had several letters attempting to bring pressure on the continuation of publishing The Sexy Witches page. The writers of these letters have informed me that the page is Sexist as no men have been featured on the page. Perhaps that is because NO MEN have had the courage to contribute their photographs?

Even my quote last month which I attributed to Tom Waits was brought into controversy as I have been informed in no uncertain terms: "Its was Dorothy Parker who wrote that, not Tom Waits. Although, he might have quoted her in a performance. It calls into question the veracity of this (Your) Pagan web-zine."

The owner of the Celtic Nation yahoo! group even go into the act by admonishing me in his group: "Wayfinder, upon review, your newsletter has nothing to do with furthering the development of Celtic polytheism and I would request that you refrain from further solicitations for it in this forum." 

Ironically, the very day after, I received this criticism, my good friend Ian Cowburn contributed an article which diminishes the group owner's argument.

Ah, Controversy. What a magnificent word and what imagery it brings to mind. I would like to mention in closing three wonderful quotes to bring it all into perspective:

“Controversy is only dreaded by the advocates of error” - Benjamin Rush

“Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker. Expose your ideas to the danger of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less the label of 'crackpot'' than the stigma of conformity.” - Thomas J. Watson, Sr. 

“Controversy equalizes fools and wise men - and the fools know it” - Oliver Wendell Holmes

The Cosmic Cauldron is an INDEPENDENT publication and the Editor/ publisher, The Wayfinder, will continual to be Controversial, with the greatest joy and pleasure.

Without further ado please scroll down and read on. Your feedback on this issue would be greatly appreciated so please don't forget to sign our guestbook.


Are Wiccan Tools Really that Necessary?

High Priestess Amethyst of the Oak and Mistletoe Coven once more consents to grace our Newsletter with yet another wonderfully written and informative article.

More Information Here


  Book Reviews & Bookshop Group

What can I say. So many wonderful books at our disposal and so many reviewers wishing to contribute book reviews. Not only does Mike Gleason and myself both have some marvellous book reviews but we also have a Guest Reviewer, Rev. Stormy Monday.

More Information Here


High Priestess Frances of The Temple of the Dark Moon contributes her own "Isis Moon Newsletter" to be a regular feature in The Cosmic Cauldron Newsletter. So now, we have a Downloadable Magazine available on a seasonal basis. 

More Information Here


 Dragonfly's Haven  

Dragonfly writes about Growing the Pagan Child's Sense of Spirituality.  This issue she also introduces some activities for children. Unfortunately, as we don't have a sponsor this month we don't have a competition. 

More Information Here


An Article from LESHANKI

The NEW Voice of Reason and an Organisation set up to help the Pagan Community in Australia. Now who said they wouldn't last? The executive committee sets the record straight in regards to PA Inc.

More Information Here


Kundalini Awakening

Robert Morgen contributes some interesting articles about Kundalini Meditation and Subconscious Blocks and Boundaries. 

More Information Here


Analysing  The Wiccan Rede

Tantalite presents some interesting discussion fodder  and analytical views points in reference to the Wiccan Rede in this well-written article.

More Information Here


Part One of a brilliant Novelette written by Michael Wallace. The first and we hope and not the last of short stories contributed by our many friends.

More Information Here


Growing Up Pagan Amongst the Non-Pagan

Pippa Stoneham contributes a wonderful personal glimpse of someone growing up Pagan amongst Non-Pagans. A very poignant and some what amusing story.

More Information Here


Imram Branaidh

My good friend Ian Cowburn contributed a magnificent tale of Bran the Chief and the Song of the Keltoi.  Lose yourself in the story.

More Information Here


Praise Her, Praise Her, Praise Her

A controversial poem and introduction by Chelsea de Sequine

Click Here


Our Fun Page is a bit lacking this month but I am working on some original artwork to grace the pages of the September issue but THE GURU is back with some very earthy wisdom and we have OUR BRAND NEW column "ASK WITCH WEEZIE" starting this month. So don't forget to read both their columns in this months issue. (Just click on their names).


Please SUPPORT our wonderful sponsors who have seen the potential behind our little independent Newsletter and who have joined our little family to ensure its growth.   It is still not to late to become a sponsor. (Click on the link below)

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Web Reviews


A Pagan Search site is my pick of websites for the month. It is part of Sapphire Moon's Neo-Pagan Resource Circle and has a growing directory of worthwhile pagan sites. Well worth a visit.



Fire Goddess

(A Poem by )

Lady Bleu

Fire Dance


Illustration compliments of Sabrina - The Ink Witch


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Adelaide Pagan Parenting

Adelaide Pagan Parenting is open for all parents located in the Adelaide, Adelaide Hills and environs and all local suburbs. The three major criteria for being a member of this group is that you be a South Australian resident, be a parent of a child between 0-5 years and be a Pagan or Heathen (no matter the path you follow). Pregnant/ expecting Parents are also Welcome.

Pagan Parents outside of these criteria may also apply for membership.

Our focus is on Parenting our children effectively while respecting our path, the environment, ourselves and, most importantly, our children as unique individuals.


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