The Christmas Tree


~ The Wayfinder ~

It was the month before Christmas
And at Santa's Home
Dear Santa was moaning to a friend on the phone

All the Elves were on strike
for more pay for their work
The Sleigh was in service as it's paint needed work
His wife had gone off on a holiday win
She wasn't due back to after the New Year begins
The Larder was empty
There was no food to eat ...
Except stale cheese and gone off old meat
His socks needed mending and his suit needed starch
And someone had stolen his brand new spa bath
Frosty the Snow Man had melted a bit
And Rudolph was suffering great sneezing fits
The barn door was broken and the reindeers escaped
Many presents were unwrapped as he ran out of tape.

"And last night was the worse" he cried to his friend
"A bad mood I was in from beginning to end."
"There was a knock on my door ... rather late on that night
My tree was delivered by a heavenly sight ...
She made one mistake," he said with a sob.
"I realise she was doing only her job"

"A Heavenly smile creased her sweet little face
When she ask: "dear Santa where your tree should be placed?"

He fell into silence and his friend realised
The Truth to the Myth and where the real story lies

Forever and Always on the tree she now sits ...
And that's what you get when you give Santa the Shits.

Inspired by an old joke:

Copyrighted Michael Lee-Price 16th November 2008.All Rights Reserved.



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