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The Cosmic Cauldron - Comprehensive News Service focused on all things Pagan & Spiritual .- Vol 2; Issue 2

The Cosmic Cauldron. The Ancient Ways Community and the members of OST are Alternative Spiritualists, Wiccans, Witches, Pagans and Heathens brought together in various Forums to discuss topics of interests.

This Site has been designated as these groups OFFICIAL JOURNAL & NEWSLETTER.

The Cosmic Cauldron Journal and Newsletter is not the Official journal and Newsletter for The Ancient Ways Incorporated organisation, however any and all members of said organisation are afforded FREE advertising and listings within this online publication.

If you wish to become a member of TAWI please visit their Site.

The Webmaster of this Site accepts responsibility for this site's contents except the contents of articles contributed where specified.

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If you thought Witch Weezie was BAD then, welcome to your worse Nightmare!



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The New Look Newsletter

Please SUPPORT our wonderful sponsors who have seen the potential behind our little independent Newsletter and who have joined our little family to ensure its growth.   It is still not to late to become a sponsor. (Click on the link below)

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We Are Right Behind DragonSpace

Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose

As seen on Channel 7 "Today" show

Is Coming to Adelaide
In November 2009

Lizzy will be available Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th November 2009 for Private psychic, clairvoyant, tarot, aura, & mediumship readings. Lizzy will also be able to offer spells and potions, rituals and castings.

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Dragonfly's Haven  

Dragonfly discusses the importance of storytelling in the growth of children. As Pagans we rely on these myths heavily to give us stories about the many deities we choose to follow or identify with.

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Diary of A Wiccan Teacher

High Priestess Amethyst of the Oak and Mistletoe Coven sixth journal entry is now available plus some exciting news.

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Book Reviews & Bookshop Group

Reviews by Mike Gleason.

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The Bookshop Group


This month, the Editor decided to forgo a multitude of articles to dedicate this issue to some beautiful words of poetry in the hope of lifting the hearts and souls of readers. The collection of these poems are deicated as Tributes to the Victoria Bushfire Victims.

Healing Energy for Victorian Bushfire Victims

The Cosmic Cauldron's Featured Artist of the Month


"Every so often Melbourne throws up a singular talent, someone previously hidden amongst the well-established musical tribes, someone possessed of a unique vision. Wendy Rule, the vocalist, songwriter and visionary, is such and artist."

- Beat Magazine, Melbourne

Wendy Rule is Australia's Pagan Queen of Rock and a brilliant and vibrant songstress. The Organiser of The Druid's Dreaming Event is extremely fortunate that Wendy Rule has taken such a great interest in the Event and is it's Head-line act.

Visit Wendy's Home Page Here

One of Spheres Of Light's projects is to develop a National Pagan Directory to help people connect with other pagans in their local area. If you would like your group listed here please send an email including the group's name, email address and/or contact number, website link if you have one and a one sentence description of your group. Please also include the state and region/suburb your group is in.


The Druid's Dreaming Event

Featuring Damh the Bard & Wendy Rule amd many more great musicians and performers.

More Information Here

The Support for The Druid's Dreaming is growing and I am greatly apprecitive to Jenwych of Axis Mundi (a brilliant on-line zine) for the promotion of the Event in this moonths issue.


Paganism Australia is a voice for the pagan community within Australia which was featured in last months Newsletter.

And especially t he support ABC Net who have allowed me to promote my video on their contributors page as well as allow me to lst the Event at ABC 891 Online.



Your have heard all the talk about "The Ancient Ways Incorporated" and we know it has pinged your interest but a lot of people are overly shy to get involved. TAWI is the first of it's kind in Australia if not the rest of the World. It is not an alliance or association or any kind of political heirarchy or pagan promotional group. It is a Community Service and Network Organisation set up to assist pagan families in need.

More Information Here

Meet TAWI's Patrons

Welcome to


The Guru and his faithful companion, the Doggie Lama, have retired to the Sovereign State of Donbovawitthegunma and as they rode off into the sunset ala George W. Bush and Little Johnnie Howard, the Editor decided to retire their columns and the comic page and introduce to the wider community the irrelevant carrying ons in this wonderful comical community. Donbovawitthegunma will become a new feature of this Newsletter from February onwards which will feature funny stories, jokes, the occassional cartoons and some extraordinary contest. Get the feel of the Sovereign State and have a visit.

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Web Site Review

Assembly of The Elder Troth

Here is another Australian Asatru/ Odinist Sites. Very informative and well contructed . Worth exploration by Kindred Folk and very much worth bookmarking for further reference.



Recently a call for contributions for this issue had a few people offer some treasurers of articles mostly attached to their own web sites and so rather than borrow their individual work and re-publish here I have decided to feature their wonderful essays and articles through the Web Review column. I would like to thank Robert Barton for his contribution of Modern Druidry and in return feature his magnificent site.



The Editor and The Cosmic Cauldron are Proud Sponsors and members  of



Emerald Forest


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The Mystic Grove

Well Worth A Visit

To Guide The Lost Souls


Publisher & Editor - The Wayfinder
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Submission Guidelines

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Come On, Don't Be Shy

Adelaide Pagan Parenting

Adelaide Pagan Parenting is open for all parents located in the Adelaide, Adelaide Hills and environs and all local suburbs. The three major criteria for being a member of this group is that you be a South Australian resident, be a parent of a child between 0-5 years and be a Pagan or Heathen (no matter the path you follow). Pregnant/ expecting Parents are also Welcome.

Pagan Parents outside of these criteria may also apply for membership.

Our focus is on Parenting our children effectively while respecting our path, the environment, ourselves and, most importantly, our children as unique individuals.


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Dragonfly's Page is a Must Read

Gig Guide

Find out Where the performers that are involved with The Druid's Dreaming are performing next



What the world needs is Magic, Music and Dreams

A Dreamtime

The concept of the Event is to bring AWARENESS and to PROMOTE Tolerance, Understanding with the hope of Embracing others chosen beliefs to the whole community which is mostly Christian orientated and to celebrated the Cultural & Spiritual Diversity in Australia.

It is also the purpose of this event is to raise AWARENESS and Support for a new organization called The Ancient Ways Incorporated:


Join US!


Embrace The Druid's Dreaming


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