Achived away in the Catacombs of my Data CD collection I discover many of my odes, ballads and poetry dating back to 1992. Upon unpacking boxes in my new abode, I found written tomes of odes, ballads and poetry dating as far back as the 70s. Many of which I am currently working into web pages for publication on the Internet.

I realised that I have been extremely prolific in my writing and when the Muses inspire me quiet the Wordsmith.

All of my poetry would be best described actually as Lyrics, patiently waiting for the music to embrace them and make them whole. I was fortunate to incorporate the musical talents and magical voices of Louise O'Brien and her daughter Laura in 2009 to turn the poem/ lyrics of The Tears of Time in to a beautiful song.

I hope to inspire some of my musician friends to find my poems/ lyrics worthy of them doing the same.

If any of them would consider taking up such a challenge, I would appreciate that they will acknowledge that these beautiful words are my intellectual property and that I retain copyright of the words. Other than this, I expect no payment for use of the poems/ lyrics used in any song ... only that my name is accredited as the Lyricist.

Although many of my earlier ballads and odes where written for others who have came into my life, I wish to dedicate ALL to my beloved Dragonfly who has been and always will be my Muse.

She has inspired me to greatness and shown me more than love but what it means to be a true friend.

I hope you enjoy reading my words and hope that they fill you with pleasure, peace and also, inspiration.

We all need LOVE in our life and what a sad, sorry world it would be without it.

Love, Light and Lifr


MiC Lee-Price


Copyrighted 1992- 2012 MiC Lee-Price. All Rights Reserved.