APRIL 2009

Important Message from the Editor:

One has to wonder if the circumstances behind attempting to recruit a Sexy Witch for this month was not a colossal April Fools joke on me by the Deities?

Firstly, the lovely lady who contacted me in February to be either the March or April Sexy Witch bailed on me at the last moment or should I say went away on Holidays and failed to send me any photos or information before she went.

So an emergency call went out across the Global Community for this issue's Sexy Witch. I was literally flooded with inquires. I think they totalling 30 in all ... but even though I informed them what being the Wayfinder's Wonderous Witches entailed, I received no photos or responses at the time of this Issue going on-line.

Fortunately TWO Courageous people stepped forward and for this month I am pleased to announce that I have TWO Sexy Witches; One Male and One Female.

Blessings Upon You Both

Egyptian Tigerlady

AKA Beth

Egyptian Tigerlady is a lover of herbs, tarot, gems and crystals, runes, and candle magic. She is into Renaissance faeries, tigers, egyptian and music.

You can find out more about this bold lady by visiting her:

Myspace profile or her PaganSpace.Net profile.


AKA Scott

If you recall, way back in Issue One, we featured my Dragonfly's brother who Courageously volunteered to under go the World's Greatest Shave.

I mean what can you say about these heroic and bold men who are willing to have their hair and beards shaved and end up looking like bowling bas ... other than ROFL

A friend of Dijor (Althia), nominated him fro the Sexy Witch page and he graciously approved of his photos being placed here. Dijor (Scott) is a mystery to many as he would not supply any profile or other website links, but he is well known in the Sydney (NSW) Pagan Community and from what I read of his testimonials from others, he is thought of highly.

As, for me personally, I had my own agendas for approving him as Sexy Witch of the Month.

1. He showed his nobility by courageously undergoing the Shave for a noble cause, a cause very much to the heart of my Dragonfly as her first daughter Sarah died as a infant from Leukemia

2. I have just Launched Witch Mob's "Faeries Wear Boots" and the bottom photos are great promotional material.

This Faerie may NOT Wear Boots but good Goddess, this Fae is certainly a Hairy One!
We FOUND Puck! I wonder if Lord Oberon knows he has immigrated to Australia?



Can YOU see Yourself HERE? WANTED More Sexy Witches!

All Witches who bravely contribute their photographs will be permitted to advertise their Covens, Groups, Web Sites and advertise Events.

All photographs supplied will be Archived and appear on a designated Archive page.




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