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“The eye of genius has always a plaintive expression, and its natural language is pathos”

Lydia Maria Child American author 1802-1880


Over the last two weeks or so I have been arranging this editorial in my head and found the support of the Gods and Goddesses during my nightly visits to the Astral Plane and the other worlds. Coincidentially, Lord Helel's recent publishing of his article "The Journey" in The Cosmic Cauldron Yahoo forum group (invitation only and unlisted) that we are co-owners of with his good lady; Mistress Bloodmoon, my Dragonfly and Sherostar, showed me that the deities had put me on the right path in regards to the context of this article.

If I may digress for a moment, and all my dear readers know by now, that given the opportunity I will obfuscate my arse off and leap all over the place before I get to the point ... anyway, if I may digress, I would like to point out that I am extremely proud of my good friend, Joseph Dismore (Lord Helel) and wish to acknowledge publically that he is one of my best acolytes. That noted and recorded for prosperity, I am going to take you all on a little Journey. So please grab a cup of tea or coffee, sit down and read and I really mean read what I am divulging. I don't want you wandering from the path.

If you recall back in my editorial in March, titled "Never-Ending Sorrow" I asked the reader to participate in a little exercise. The point of that exerice was to reach out and to have you really think about your loved ones and to cherish the moments and in a way, that is the purpose of this article ...

Those Magical Moments that past fleetingly into memory, those cherished marvelous moments that we hold dear to our hearts ... but hold for a minute, even those memories we chose to forget, those ugly instances, those tragedies, those arguments and disagreements, the alienation of once friends ... all of these things serve a purpose; a lesson in life if you will. They were parts of our own journeys.

We can't just write them off and file them in the rubbish bin of the past. Chosing not to remember "bad" incidents in our past and telling ourselves it never happened, defeats the purpose and devalues the experience and lesson.

In my last editorial, I stated "Shit Happens". Well, it does with monotoneous regularity and guess what, dear reader? There is not a flaming thing you can do about it!

The Universe; the Divine; the Deities have decreed it be that way. Destiny; Kismet; Karma, whatever you want to call it, it has happened (and will happen) for a reason and a purpose. It is part of your journey and a lesson for you to experience.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do chose to forget the bad shit and equally, unfortunately, a lot of people forget the good stuff as well ... and I am not taking about someone suffering from dementia, I am talking about ordinary people. Sufferers of Alzheimer's don't remember what it was they forgot, whereas people who have experienced Aquired Brain Injuries walk a more frustrating path than those who suffer dementia, as they know they have forgotten something. By mentioning this, my intent is not to denigrate or demean these people, "there but for the grace of the deities, go I!" Although, there are some who would have you believe that I am quite Mad and verging on Dementia, myself.

Whilst on the subject of those "some" people aforementioned, I would like to take this opportunity to say to my detractors and those people who don't like me: "It is alright, Brothers and Sisters, I love you and appreciate you. I accept your transgressions and acknowledge that all the nasty, malicious, vindictive, under-handed, discriminatory things that you did were done for a reason. I understand the purpose of your existence and involvement in my life. Adversity builds Strength of Character and that which does not kill you can only mske you stronger. I fotgive you for your transgressions but I can't forget! "Je le ferais si je pourrais, mais je ne peux pas, alors je ne le ferai pas; I would if I could, but I can't, so I won't!"

That is the rub, dear reader. Forgiving and NOT Forgetting. Our individual baggage is one of "life experiences" which makes us who we are. We are all unique individuals. Our life experiences, environment and people, who like waves on a beach, ebb and flow in and out of our lives create the person you see in the mirror every morning. Forgetting the "Magical Moments", good or bad, defeats the purpose of living. We need to CHOSE to remember all of it; Good and Bad. To do so helps us grow and ascend to a higher spiritual level.

If I told you I could teach you in a hands on situation; face to face; in person, how to remember those moments and use it to enrich your life, would you accept my tuition? I can't do it in correspondence and written form, as to do so would devalue the lesson. Although, I can give you some primary tips, so you can best understand what it is I am trying to convey.

First, go back to my article, "Never-Ending Sorrow", and perform the experiment I have there. Hopefully, this will open you up and you will be able to concentrate on your "Chi".

Once you feel you have managed to tap into your inner energy, you will need to try and dispel all bitterness and resentment that you hold towards those who have brought sorrow and misery into your life. You will need to remember those "Bad" things. Life is far to short to dwell on such negativity but with patience and practice one can turn the Negativity into Positivity. I realise this will be hard for many and this is one of the reasons I feel that this experience can not be achieved by reading a book and through correspondence.

I am also, quite aware that there are many people who have had horrendous incidents and tragedies in their lives and because of these events many have developed disorders such as Post Tramatic Stress Disorder if not worse and in some cases have fractured personalities. This is yet another reason, why tuition can not be undertaken on-line or by correspondence.

I don't expect people wishing to revisit such horrendous memories to do so.

However, what a lot of people forget is that Good Memories often go hand in hand with the Bad ones. For instance, a bad marriage may still have had some happier times in it. How can a person possibly forget the first embrace? Their first kiss? Their first loving sexual union? The first time one holds a new born daughter or son? The experience of witnessing the birth of a child?

Sweet Memories are made of these Magical Moments and all are important lessons not to be lost and forgotten. Yet, people do forget and that is why they take photographs and video footage and keep cards and letters and other paraphenalia. Through objects, which can be lost, damaged, stolen or destroyed, people try to hold onto memories.

Would you be surprised if I told you that you don't need these objects and paraphenalia to keep the memories alive. YOU have your mind and it has been well recorded that we only use a small portion of our mental capabilities. I have developed a method much like word association to spark the flood of memories flashing into reminicence.

From personal experience, as a lecturer at "Headways" and my involvement with A.B.I.R.A.S. (Aquired Brain Injuries Resprite and Accomodation Services) and from what I have learnt over the years, I have been able to instrument this method into my own life and wish to share my Magical Moment Memory Method and at no cost besides a bottle of Mead and a loaf of bread to share. Just make an appointment and come and see me. Write this down before you FORGET!

The World is a class room and Life is the lesson to be learnt and, as Helel wrote at the end of his article, "The Journey Is Endless".

Footnote: You will note also, that again, during the course of writing this article I never mentioned The Druid's Dreaming Festival Event once. Okay now I just ruined that, again!

If you want to change the world my friends change your thinking first.


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