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Ask Aunt Agatha

If you thought Witch Weezie was BAD then, welcome to your worse Nightmare!



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Dragonfly's Haven  

Most Pagan parents approach the Christmas season with trepidation knowing that because it is a cultural festival firmly entrenched into our society that the inevitable question will be asked of our child by the inquisitive stranger…."What will Santa be bringing you this year?" Dargonfly writes about introducing pagan Children to the real meaning behind this tradition.

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Diary of A Wiccan Teacher

High Priestess Amethyst of the Oak and Mistletoe Coven has consented to writing a monthly column containing tidbits of her musings. Her third journal entry is now available plus some exciting news.

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High Priestess Frances Billinghurst goes in Search of the REAL Sanat Claus and presents a very insightful and informative article which will expose some myths. * This article was originally published in Insight Magazine 2004 *

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Book Reviews & Bookshop Group

Reviews by Mike Gleason.

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The Seeker’s Guide to Learning Wicca

Ever wondered how Australian Wiccans work their magic in the Southern Hemisphere? This is a must have for anyone who is planning to visit Australia and participate in a Pagan Ritual when visiting.

Ever wanted to know an Australian's perception on First degree training for a Northern Hemisphere witch in comparison?

Here Are TWO Must Have Books

Your have heard all the talk about "The Ancient Ways Incorporated" and we know it has pinged your interest but a lot of people are overly shy to get involved. TAWI is the first of it;'s kind in Australia if not the rest of the World. It is not an alliance or association or any kind of political heirarchy or pagan promotional group. It is a Community Service and Network Organisation set up to assist pagan families in need.

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A Short History on Divination

Michael Wallace contributes a wonderful concise article about Divination. Very informative essay from the man who brought you his marvellous story "The Green Glasses"

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Gaia Consort

November's Featured Artists of the Month is Gaia Consort. Gaia Consort are a Most Remarkable Band and well worth purchasing their CDs.

Read the a correspondence interview/ review Here.

Snow Moon

(a regular poem)


Lady Bleu

Ask Aunt Agatha

From Ghoulies and Ghosties and All Things that go bump in the Night, dear Lord protect me.

- - Old Cornish proverb



If you liked my little "Angel on the Christmas Tree" poem then have I got a treat for you. Seems I am not the only one with a slightly Twisted slant on that old gem "Night Before Christmas". Olivia Watts and Robert O. Scott have it seems kindred souls and have there own amusing twist on the old chestnut.

Check Them Out

Pressies and Gifts

What would the season of Peace on Earth and the traditional festivals of YULE and Mid Summer be without giving gifts from the heart.

As such I have a few little treats for all the readers.


Web Site Review

DoAnArt is a totally awesome website. The Art is memerising and hold your attention and when you close the browser down the images are still in your head. The artist as far as I am concerned is BRILLIANT! Check his site out:



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Adelaide Pagan Parenting

Adelaide Pagan Parenting is open for all parents located in the Adelaide, Adelaide Hills and environs and all local suburbs. The three major criteria for being a member of this group is that you be a South Australian resident, be a parent of a child between 0-5 years and be a Pagan or Heathen (no matter the path you follow). Pregnant/ expecting Parents are also Welcome.

Pagan Parents outside of these criteria may also apply for membership.

Our focus is on Parenting our children effectively while respecting our path, the environment, ourselves and, most importantly, our children as unique individuals.


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